From the rest of the World to America: When you gone get your Nigger thing right?

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Stephen Paddock: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Did a bad roll of the dice turn Paddock into a homeboy terrorist?

Living on fantasy island, Kamala Harris said at a Black church: US isn't as split as it seems

The Museum Grappling With the Future of Black America

Trump right to lash-out at Puerto Rico officials for too much begging

'They want everything to be done for them,' the president tweets

Trump tells San Juan mayor to pull-up by your bootstraps

Steve Bannon Says Alabama Senate Race Was ‘Corporate Money’ Versus ‘Grassroots Muscle’

Bob Corker won't run for re-election in 2018

Probably eyeing the governor's mansion, Tennessee's Sen. Bob Corker Won't Seek Re-election In 2018

Hundreds of Illegals Registered to Vote in Philly's Crooked Elections

Anger over images of Niggers and dogs on Beltline is misdirected

Leave it to Trump to have awaken a sleeping giant — Blacks!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweets support of NFL protests during national anthem

NFL players kneel for anthem in unprecedented defiance of Trump

"You're crazy..." "I say you're crazy!" Maybe you both are right

Black Buying Power is a Capitalistic Myth

'You're Not Our Homey,' Howard University Protesters Tell Ex-FBI Director James Comey

Comey heckled during Howard University speech

Could Paul Manafort Bring Down the Whole Trump Family?

Would you buy a used car from this man? Would you take the chance?

FBI agents searched Manafort’s home

Trump: Madman Ll' Kim will be tested — they're crazy — the whold world is crazy!

'Back and Forth' between Trump and Li' Kim means One's scared and the Other glad of it!

North Korea suggests testing a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific after Kim Jong Un calls Trump 'mentally deranged'

Facebook will give ads linked to Russian government to Congress

Facebook upholds corporate responsibility: First you lie, then deny, and when you get caught come clean and say you ain't gone do it again

Key Senate panel eyes new bills to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Mueller like Tasmanian Devil running around here

Sean Spicer's notes draw attention of special counsel Robert Mueller

Mueller tightening the screws on Manafort

Niggers own St. Louis, so what's the problem?

Powerless Black Politicians in Powerful Positions

Black Caucus: Does It Do Anything Besides Play The Race Card?

Sex and the single Black woman

Like Issa Rae, I’m Also ‘Rooting for Everybody Black’

Issa Rae at the Emmys: ‘I’m Rooting for Everybody Black’ — what's wrong with that, she's Black

“You kill our kids, we’ll kill your economy,” we got nothing to loss but our children

Rev. Clinton Stancil, pastor of the Wayman AME Church in St. Louis, reads aloud a letter composed by clergy calling for the first-degree murder conviction of former St. Louis police Officer Jason Stockley on the steps of the civil courts building in downtown St. Louis on Friday, Sept. 8, 2017

Clergy's thinly veiled threat to judge is to stop the money in St. Louis

to walk free in killings of Black men

Trump's 'election integrity' group is waging war on the right to vote, they say!

Blacks in St. Louis take it to the streets — stop their money and you'll stop their bullshit!


St Louis violence flares over acquittal of white officer in death of Black man

We gone kill this Nigger, I'm gone search for medical supplies to save his life: You lying piece of shit.

In this undated photo released by 22nd Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri, St. Louis Circuit Judge Timothy Wilson is seen. This racist, white supremacist acquitted Jason Stockley, a white Devil Cop and Nigger hater in the death of Anthony Lamar Smith

Tensions simmer in St Louis after white officer acquitted of killing innocent Black motorist

Lamentation for hurricane victims: Money’s running out — call on Jesus — because you’re on your own!

Black Kids Are 5 Times Likelier Than White Kids to Be Locked Up

Steve Bannon is recruiting a challenger for a GOP senator who has feuded with Trump

Bannon's hit list: Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker, Alabama Sen. Luther Strange, Nevada Sen. Dean Heller and Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake

Worst-kept secret among Black NFL coaches is how to become a head coach

Three on the Podium: Remembering Peter Norman and the '68 Olympics Black Power Salute

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the C.I.A. and you thought they treated Niggers bad!

Was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed ‘waterboarded’ 183 times? Damn, they were real mad at him

‘Rectal Hydration’: Inside the CIA’s Interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Using Black Celebrities To Push Pop, Pudding And Politics

Man found guilty of killing mistress, burning body

Houston imposes curfew amid reports of looting as Hurricane Harvey makes second landfall

In Florida, whites moving out and Niggers moving in: It's a looters' holiday

Looters need love too!

If you want to get paid, you got to put some work-in player

The 10 Best Black Quarterbacks of All Time

Michael Bennett says Cops drew guns on him for 'being a Black man in the wrong place at the wrong time' — so what that mean? It means — get in the right place at the right time

Steve Harvey: My wife told me not to meet with Trump, I didn't listened — Who cares, you can't read.

Lara Lee’s Poison Garden, Part Two: The Return To The Lee Plantation

Lara Lee’s Poison Garden, Part One

If you're Black, get back, If you're brown, stick around — and if you're light, bright and almost white — you're alright

Twins, One White and One Black, Get Ready to Start Middle School: 'I Notice People Doing Double-Takes'

Sheila Jackson Lee repeatedly confuses Sandy Hook with Superstorm Sandy: Some village looking in Texas for its idiot — here the stupid bitch is!!

Black, white, rich, poor: Storm Harvey didn’t discriminate

Taylor Swift’s backup dancer is being attacked for not being ‘Black enough

Todrick Hall Skewers The ‘Woke Police’ Who Have A Problem With His Taylor Swift Friendship

Crumbling pipes, tainted water plague Black communities, again!!

Trump called him 'my African American.' But he condemns the president's treatment of Black America

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Black Women Converged On The National Mall In Washington D.C. In Peaceful Protest


Singer Alicia Keys performs on the National Mall in Washington, DC, for the Women

Did Russia fake Black activism on Facebook to sow division in the US that were already there?


We need more Black memorials, but do we need one for Nat Turner’s?


Judge rules Black Lives Matter is a social movement and can’t be sued


What should Blacks worry about in the Trump era? Black politicians!


Highest-ranking Black, female Dayton officer alleges discrimination


Does Donald Trump Hate the NFL Because of the Buffalo Bills Deal?


Black Congresswoman: Stop Saying “Black Lives Matter” When Black Babies Die in Abortions


Black NYPD detectives claim race kept them from being promoted


Trump Ignites New Round of Black Athlete Activism


WWII vet takes knee to support Black NFL players — Trump — you fuck a duck!


That is racism’: Black lawmaker condemns Trump, kneels in Congress to honor NFL players


Did Russian operatives used Facebook ads to exploit America’s racial and religious divisions?


Anthony Weiner given 21 months in prison for sexting teenage girl


Cities turn to doulas to give Black babies a better chance at survival


22 arrested at protest over acquittal of St. Louis officer in Black man's shooting


White people are really confident that things are getting better for Black people — white Americans are off their medication again!


Racist Right-Wingers Don’t Like Nigger Sport Stars Making Millions In Racist America


Black lawmakers ponder Trump agenda at annual gathering


The Democrats Are Taking Black Women for Granted

Survey: Fewer Black women say that the Democratic Party 'best represents' their interests


Bloody photos show the day 300 troops were sent to guard 9 Black school children 60 years ago


Black Army veteran honored by Detroit Lions, salutes during national anthem


Trump's Victory Came Down to 77,744 Votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan — Did Blacks in Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee Stay at Home?

In their run for president, Clinton won 92 percent of Black vote and Obama won 93 percent. But in 2012, Black voters made up 13 percent of the electorate; in 2016, they comprised just 10 percent of the electorate. Ergo, if you do the math, Blacks elected Trump!!


State to takeover Chattanooga's failing schools the crooked Black politicians ruined


California’s Sexual Assault Law Will Hurt Black Kids


St. Louis Protests: Everything You Should Know


Louisiana Man Charged in Fatal Shooting of Two Unarmed Black Men


NAACP laments wounded St. Kate's security officer making up story about Black gunman


CNN Cuts Off Black Trump Supporter During Answer on 'White Guilt' Question


Volunteer firefighter suspended after allegedly saying he'd save a dog before a Nigger — a Nigger hater, dog lover


Whites Have Huge Wealth Edge Over Blacks (but Don’t Believe It)


‘It seems cool to be racist now’: The rising profile of the Black gun owner


Trump denies deal with Democrats on DACA, says 'Dreamers' have 'no fault'


A March For Black Women On A Jewish Holiday Has Sparked A Fight Within This Feminist Group


Study: anti-Black hiring discrimination is as prevalent today as it was in 1989


Thomas Jefferson statue at U-Va. shrouded in Black


Why Black Greek Fraternities Hamper True Racial Equality


Campus security guard admits he accidentally shot himself after first lying about Black man in a hoodie with 'short Afro'


Another day in the life of 'Black Men' in America


Black Ohio man sues city of Columbus over police use of force


While Blacks executed, whites more likely


'America has done a terrible job of telling the truth about racism' — they won't admit that shit!!


Black immigrants in the U.S. face big challenges. Should Black Americans rally to their side? No!!


The Bad Old Days of New York


Ex-St. Louis cop found not guilty of murder in on-duty shooting of Black man in 2011


Blacks targeted, accused of turning Pike Road apartment into 'ghetto,' lawsuit claims


The growing Black-white wage gap is unexplained — and scary — No it's simple, Niggers need money not civil rights!!


Racist white American Congress challenges Trump to address white supremacy


Median wealth of Black Americans 'will fall to zero by 2053', warns new report


St. Louis Black police union calls for conviction in Stockley murder case


White liberals view police much more favorably than Black Democrats


Police, protesters clash in St. Louis after ex-cop acquitted of murdering Black man


Safety concerns spur more Black women in Chicago to receive concealed-carry gun permits


Fix policy, not Black people, to end violence in New Orleans | Opinion


Firefighter suspended for saying he’d save dog before Black man


Can the Senate's only Black Republican help Trump solve his race problem?


Meet the Retired Black Cop Who Became a Whistleblower Against a Corrupt Black, Nigger Rigged City


Potential Primary Challenger Mark Green Defends Trump to Tennessee Senator Bob Corker


Lack of sleep could contribute to mental health problems, researchers reveal


A revolutionary, not a liberal: can a radical Black mayor bring change to Mississippi?


White House says Black colleges summit is on despite reports


Black Lives Matter, front and center, for Krasner's DA campaign


Hillary Clinton explains Trump defeat in new memoir – and takes aim at Bernie Sanders


China taking trade advantage with US, giving the money to Lil' Kim and he's wolfing back to US


Tennessee secretary of state's office to roll out online voter registration


Why do Democrats so hate Black Americans? They hate what they can't control!!


Every job, educational opportunity the dreamers lose, US citizens gain: Americans first! What's wrong with that?


Black judge shouldn’t oversee white cop’s murder trial after posts about profiling, lawyers say


Twin megastorms have scientists fearing this may be the new normal


Six Black Philadelphia narcotics Cops say their two white supervisors are racist and corrupt


Is Facebook guilty of Espionage for selling false ads to the Russians that influenced the 2016 elections?


The Wage Gap for Black Workers Is Growing


The danger of the white American liberal


China taking trade advantage with US, giving the money to Lil' Kim and he's wolfing back to US


'Full Employment' Has Not Reached Black America And It Never Will


Mother of million-to-one black and white TWINS admits she had to warn teachers that her daughters are related as they prepare to start secondary school


Trump to end Daca 'Dreamers' program — about time!!


SC town has a Confederate monument to slaves. Black descendants want it to stay.


Joel Osteen to Hurricane Harvey evacuees: I don't won't them Niggers fucking up my shit


If you're a broke ass Nigger in Florida, and you ain't got money to leave town, Irma gone fuck you up


Black Women Discriminated Against in Every Way, Report


Trump Downsizes Black College Conference



Why not give the dreamers a break — you get your breaks in Hollywood!


Too bad crooked, illegal aliens made bad decisions for their children!


Georgia police officer retires before he is fired for saying ‘we only kill Black people’ to driver during traffic stop


Black Lives Matter should also take on Black-on-Black crime


Al Sharpton: 'Progressives' are shortchanging African Americans — again.


Young Black people nine times more likely to be jailed than young white people – report


Black Caucus condemns 'insensitive' DOJ decision to shrink Obama-era program to advise police


Black History Month Reveals the White Lies of America


Transgender teenager who killed himself 'was angry at school' over name change


Unemployment in Black and White


The strange story of that ‘Blacks for Trump’ guy standing behind POTUS at his Phoenix rally

“Michael the Black Man