U.S. says online Obamacare enrollment for individuals starts October 1



Cheaper, purer illegal substances suggest global war on drugs is failing


Obamacare: Separating Truth from Fiction – Here’s What You Need to Know


Why Black Heroes Make Zombie Stories More Interesting


Americans put more blame on GOP for shutdown


Dropping salt on their friends and enemies


If you're Black and can't take insults from these southern crackers; stay out the bottom!


U.S. says online Obamacare enrollment for individuals starts October 1


Health Insurance Changes Coming Your Way Under the Affordable Care Act


If Republicans Want To Shut Down Washington, They'll Have To Ask China's Permission First


Racist Cops Get Jobs Back Over Concerns of Chattanooga Citizens

Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley, could be back in uniform in a matter of weeks beating more Niggers down


Are Historically Black Colleges On Life Support?


Will Master Let Us Back On Plantation When Obama's Gone?


Rare Undersea Discovery Could Extend Your Life by 10, 20 or 30 Years


Zimmerman get off with murder, Black woman gets 20-years for shooting in the ceiling in self-defense — ain't that fucked up?


Iran says Israel must declare nuclear bomb


Hassan Rouhani's return to Iran marked by 'death to America' chants


Them some hating motherfrackers in that Twitterverse


Administration Touts Lower-Than-Expected Obamacare Premiums


Don't just do something; stand there!


Muslim Brotherhood shoots self in head


Black Gay Judge Not Wanted


Hospitals In America Could Be Hazardous To Your Health


Remembering Birmingham church blast 50 years on


What Is the Affordable Care Act?

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Charlotte court hears 911 call recorded before police shot unarmed man


Private prison companies making big bucks on locking up undocumented immigrants


Fisa court: no telecoms company has ever challenged phone records orders


New Orleans police officers jailed over Katrina shootings to get new trial


Is the culprit just 'crony capitalism'?


Detroit's Crony Capitalism Problem


Why did he do it? Was it because of racism or terrorism?


Al Sharpton attempts to shake down Apple

Mr. Sharpton has been accused in the past of shaking down companies with few minorities in leadership roles. In 2006, he was accused of drumming up racial boycotts against several large companies unless they paid cash to his National Action Network nonprofit.


Sue for peace with Al Qaed because they won't stop


Just Because He's Black Doesn't Mean He's African American


Boy, these are some great haters in America — now you know what Blacks have had to put up with for five hundred years


Five years after Lehman, Americans still angry at Wall Street: Reuters/Ipsos poll


Southern whites don't need to change their ways when Black leaders are absent


It May Be a Terrorist Attack!


The Reverend Al Sharpton attempting to Shake Down Apple???


Condoleezza Rice (sic) and Eric Holder to gather for Alabama memorial


Before speaking for Blacks, Jesse Jackson needs to explain why his son is a crook — the apple don't fall far from the tree.


Barack Obama, the 98-pound weakling


Crazy woman judge can't steal Floyd Mayweather's thunder


After acquittal, Zimmerman still in spotlight


Pope Francis tells atheists to abide by their own consciences

You don't have to believe in God to go to heaven


Al-Qaeda chief Zawahiri urges 'lone-wolf' attacks on US


Directive From The White House: Drink More Water


Al Qaeda calls for attacks inside United States


What the fuck? NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel


Black officers call for changes to ease racial tension in St. Louis police


Marijuana A Cash Cow For Smart States


iPhone 5C: Apple brings color and $99 price to new phone


‘Four little girls’ of Birmingham remembered 50 years later


Does The Black Caucus Represent Blacks Or Some Crazy Bitch From Ohio


September 11th A Day of Community Service & Remembrance


Payments of walking- around money -- small amounts given to ministers and community leaders to encourage maximum turnout of black voters

Al Sharpton new bagman for Black crooked preachers


Assad denies ordering chemical attack on children


It Just Might Work To Stop An Attack On Syria!


Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on us!


Gang of Eight Betrays Americans


Who broke our immigration system? The illegal aliens, you fool!


Iranians warn that President Obama


Healthcare law benefits depend on where you live


Did The NAACP Learn Anything From Meeting With The KKK?


Iranian leader: U.S. will 'definitely suffer' if it leads strike on Syria


Immigrant fights to become California lawyer


Nothing Wrong With Breaking Down Walls and Mending Fences


Kendrick Johnson another Trayvon Martin


The Black Caucus Ain't Worth Spit


Jews in Israel up shit's creek without a paddle


Are Catholic Leaders Looking For More Children To Rape?

Murder of Black boys in Florida; murder most foul

Black Homeownership Dying Where Obama Revitalized


Assad to Obama: I call your bluff and raise you one!


Obama wins key backing on Syria plan

American Blacks Are Children Of A Lesser God

Special Webcast to Black News


Hating Niggers is An American Past-time


Self-hate among Black Americans not new


A Letter to my Nigger-Loving Cousin



Get over it; you Niggers ain't the only race been fucked over!

Dennis Rodman, Nobel Laureate?


Why Obama's March on Washington Failed


Justice for Niggers is a none starter


This is not how we start an honest conversation about race.


Obama (TheGreat) blasts ‘Republican shutdown,’ defends Obamacare


House Republicans: you over played your hand


Without you, your families and friends' approval, you would be at zero


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Boxed-in; Obama got GOP Boxed-in

If you're not smarter than a Black man; who are you smarter than?


Your Digital Trail, And How It Can Be Used Against You


Enroll To Get Healthcare Through Obamacare

Enrollment starts October 1


Stopping Obamacare (sic) it's not going to happen!


American Exceptionalism: 'Keep Your Government Hands Out Of Medicare!'


Shut The Shit Down!


Gambian president says gays a threat to human existence


Ella Starr's Ain't No Woman


Is The Fight Over Obamacare About Racism

Webcast Special to Black News


Why does everyone hate the Tea Party?


Nigger killed himself with police car, and don't play the race card— Cracker, Please!


We don't want this old, raggady shit


F-15 Silent Eagle: Why South Korea rejected this jet


He who spies on friends will one day have no friends to spy on



Obamacare: Good For Workers, Bad For Unions


Success Is Not An Option In The Black Community

This Webcast Is Special To Black News


How To Sign Up For Obamacare


Aaron Alexis Was Hearing Voices


Immigration reform dead in the water: go home and come back right!


Bill Cosby was absent during the civil rights movement, so who needs him now?

Harry Belafonte, Dick Gregory, Sammy Davis, Ossie Davis and most Black celebrities of the time participated in the civil rights movement, but Bill Cosby was nowhere to be found. He was only thinking about himself and his miserable career.


Are police officers really that afraid of the people they are supposed to be protecting?

No, they're not that afraid. But they believe we civilians are the enemy now. They protect the 1% and the rest of us are in their gun sights. It is scary out there you (innocent bystanders) may accidentally get shot standing next to a criminal.


There's A Special Place In Hell For Pat Robertson — Hell Is Too Good For Him!


Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?

For Black News; He's A Gift That Keeps On Giving


'The West's Zig-Zagging Is Astounding'

Putin's head fake on Obama


A Plea for Caution From Russia



Ndamukong Suh knows this is football not goodball

TN Educators Too Dumb And Stupid For Common Core

Niggers need not apply — the old south never died!


Trying to forgive the unforgivable!


Denise McNair, who was 11, and Carole Robertson, Addie Mae Collins, and Cynthia Wesley, who were all 14,

The top 10 percent of earners took more than half of all income


If America was under attack in the homeland, the greedy will be the first to run and the last to fight!


NAACP President Ben Jealous to step down this year


Paper Tiger Caught With Tail Between Its Legs


Arab Nations Offered to Pay for Syria Invasion

How can the Pot call the Kettle Black In New York?

Black Leaders rripping off Black community


Black News Draw Red Line For Black Traitors

Webcast Special To Black News

Tennessee woman hospitalized after hiding $5,000 in her rectum

Are most people in Tennessee dumb and stupid? Do Clarence Thomas look like a Gorilla?


Black News would like to apologize for comparing Clarence Thomas to a gorilla. Sorry, we didn't mean to offend gorillas.


Misinterpretation Of Intentions Could Start World War III

Who's Playing Chicken


Will Iran activate terror cells if America attack Syria?

Boy, that one-eyed Sheik scare the hell outta me, and he got a hook for a hand — that's a hard, hard man! What if he ram that hook up your ass; what you gone say — don't pull it out! We don't know who that other dude is, he looks scary too— leave these people alone. They say the one-eyed Sheik is mad at Americans.

Where will the Black community stand if America is under attack?


You Niggers Better Stop Saying Nigger The White Nigger Hater Said


Rodman in North Korea to visit his 'friend' Kim


Give that man a Nobel Prize for peace


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