Just because the young girl didn't jump to attention when your stupid ass showed up doesn't mean you have to beat the poor child down, and again it was a rotten Nigger who gave the devil cop reason to beat the young girl like a dog. (Black Democrats)?



They ran the fool out of town, and them Toms couldn't stop it!


Public schools grapple with influx of migrant children


Black Sheriff Responds To ‘Uncle Tom’ Taunt By New York Daily News Columnist And Black Lives Matter Activist

Clarke, you're worse than Uncle Tom, you're Uncle Sambo


Is your Hepatitis C treatment covered by Medicaid?


Corruption of government officials is currently Americans’ number one fear, but you go and re-elect these dogs every time


Martha Shares Her Voice


Arizona 'pregnant man' pleads guilty to disorderly conduct


Witness to rough South Carolina high school arrest: ‘I couldn’t believe this was happening’


14-Year-Old Girl Faces Assault Charges for Throwing Baby Carrot at Teacher

With a name like Nigro, you're going down


Volkswagen got even more bad news this morning


There Were Fewer Black Men In Medical School In 2014 Than In 1978


Here's the Bill Cosby joke Eddie Murphy did at the Kennedy Center that everyone's talking about


This Video Of A Black Man Defending Himself Against A Racist White Woman Is Going Viral


Colorado monthly marijuana sales eclipse $100 million mark


State lawmaker Joyce 'The Wolfwoman' Beatty headed for $320,000-a-year vice presidency at Ohio State — this woman is a crook — flanking the Iron Lady during Benghazi hearing.


She eats Hillary's shit; hot before it hits the ground


President Obama explains why Black Lives Matter more than a year after Michael Brown’s death — better late than never 


Shooting at Tennessee State University kills one, wounds three others after argument over dice game


These white cops ain't doing nothing to y'all; you Niggers just making that stuff up


How Carson's Come-to-Jesus Moment Could Make Him President


Ebony’s cracked ‘Cosby Show’ cover reveals fractures in show’s legacy for Black community


The Disproportionate Risks of Driving
While Black

We gone fight back one day, but today is not that day.


Black body count continues; will it ever stop?

Civil Rights Lawyer Hired by Family of Black Man Killed by Officer in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.


Man, this shit is fucked up!!!!


Trump is right; stupid caused 911 — read for yourself — stupid!


Tracking Chattanooga's Homicides


Transcript: Bin Laden determined to strike in US


The day of reckoning is at hand when we kick the bums out


She can't support the American Middle Class because this hag will tell a lie before a cat can lick its ass

When will somebody ask the 'Iron Lady,' how can she support illegal immigration, which suppress wages, and against the wage gap that's hurting the Middle Class?


Did Clinton, Sanders connect with Black voters?

Did Martin kill Malcolm?


Black Lives Matter sign near Va. farm causes brief outcry


DNC gives blessing to Black Lives Matter presidential town hall — but won’t add debate


If you hit the lottery today, we'll gladly pay you one day


By Allen Ginsberg


Stephen A Smith's beef jerky commercial shows him being pissed on and shitted on to keep a job he's not qualified to hold


I bet your breath smells like shit you rotten ass Nigger

Once Obama is gone, these devil cops have said they will stop killing Niggers


Conquistadors sacrificed and eaten by Aztec-era people, archaeologists say


Endemic racism: UCLA study finds ‘Black’ names closely linked to large size, low status & aggression


ISIL kills top Iranian commander in Syria


You can stick a fork in Volkswagen — the days of 'Hitler's Youth' are done — you feel me?


Fuck Ben Carson

A Short History of Whether Obama Is Black Enough, Featuring Rupert Murdoch


Thousands pack D.C. for 20th anniversary of Million Man March


Go figure; his mother was white from Kansas and his father was an African from Kenya.


The Caucasian's Guide To Black Churches


Making the Republican Case for Black Support


Elvis and a Big Hunk o’ Tax Breaks


Campus carry fuels white privilege, criminalization of Black people


The Worst Cities For Black Americans


Fatal shootings by police around the US are being ruled suicides. Are officers avoiding scrutiny, or just being used as weapons?


Ben Carson on Oregon: ‘I Would Not Just Stand There and Let Him Shoot Me’


City Council Black Caucus: Fire top cop McCarthy


FBI chief: 'unacceptable' that Guardian has better data on police violence


Doctors Without Borders calls US bombing of its hospital a war crime


Who were the crooked Bankers and why they didn't go to jail?


Why it matters that Elizabeth Warren has embraced Black Lives Matter

Why aren't crooked bankers in prison?

Illegal immigrants—along with other noncitizens without the right to vote—may pick the 2016 presidential winner.


Ben Bernanke says more bankers deserved to be jailed


A Conservative Tried To KeepAmerica White. His Plan Backfired


Mass. high school students suspended over racist texts mocking Black class president


The Breakdown of the Black Family


SHOCK: LA Times Labels Black Oregon Shooter as White Supremacist!!!

Oregon college gunman killed himself as police approached, sheriff says' He's not Black


Doctors Without Borders says U.S. airstrike hit hospital in Afghanistan; at least 19 dead


Alabama, Where ID Is Required to Vote, Closes DMVs in Most “Black Belt” Counties

Niggers divided over Hillary Clinton


All it takes is just a handful of determined Niggers, and you can 'Shut 'Em Down!'

‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters interrupt Hillary Clinton’s speech in Atlanta,


South Carolina Brutality Caught On Tape

This Rapid Response Webcast is Special to 'Black News'

"South Carolina is too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum."

Just because the young girl didn't jump to attention when your stupid ass showed up doesn't mean you have to beat the poor child down, and again it was a rotten Nigger who gave the devil cop reason to beat the young girl like a dog.


Tennessee woman makes public service announcement about leggings and everyone’s loving it

She's the archetype for women in Tennessee — The Snuff Smith Syndrome — So much so, 'Black News' is ashamed and embarrassed to be located in Chattanooga Tennessee because the people are nuts; these Niggers too.


Sharpton to speak at funeral for slain New York City police officer

Thank God he's gone mainstream; y'all can have that Nigger!

Government watchdog to monitor RushCard fiasco

Federal Consumer Watchdog Investigating Russell Simmons’ RushCard


‘Walking while Black’ can be dangerous too, study finds

What's next? Shitting while Black!


Black Democrats Ain't Worth Spit!!

This Webcast Is Special To 'Black News'

A ‘Cancer’ on the Clinton Candidacy

What happens when an unstoppable force (Black News) meets an immovable object (Black Democrats)?

Joyce 'The Wolfwoman' Beatty Clinton's lapdog at Benghazi hearing

The Iron Lady is flanked by two Lapdogs; to your left; Sheila 'The 'Village Idiot' Lee and to your right; Joyce 'The Wolfwoman' Beatty — These two nuts a part of the Iron Lady's firewall  — Really!


Latino demonstrators were rushed out of a Trump campaign event as a crowd cheered

"We cannot get rid of 12 million illegal immigrants"
Yes we can, and here is how: Demand that congress make mandatory, rather than optional, the use of E-Verify by employers. Also, enforce a 5-year prison term for identity fraud to get a job. Do both and Presto! most will voluntarily self-deport using the same method they used to enter -- and bring their kids with them, for as they have reminded us repeatedly, they desperately want to keep their families intact.

Donald "Cinque" DeFreeze; Heroe or Not

What Is the Symbionese Liberation Army?

Emily Harry, Angela Atwood, Cinque Defreez, Patricia Hearst Donald, 1974 Patties, Camilla Hall, Hearst Donald Cinque, Hearst Kidnap, Bill Harry


Texas court puts end to anchor baby hustle

Texas Judge Makes HUGE Move Against ‘Anchor Babies’ – Illegal Aliens Lose BIG


It's hard for an over-the-hill beach whale to lose weight

White people think Oprah shit cookies and piss milk

Black Lives Matter activists confront Mayor Eric Garcetti at town-hall meeting

Metro Atlanta mom writes why white parents won't choose black schools

Because these dumb ass Niggers will fuck your children up like they have done theirs

Enemy at the gate; it's these rotten Black Democrats

The only thing a Nigger Democrat won't steal is a Red-hot stove

Chicago Public School Superintendent indicted thanks to mother with a blog

Lock this ugly ass cony up and throw away the fucking key

Maryland police say transgender woman's killing was 'not random'

Zella Ziona: Murder of Transgender Woman May Have Been Hate Crime


Eric Garner and Tamir Rice among those missing from FBI record of police killings

The FBI has always been the enemy of Black America, even with Halfacan as president

'Gone With The Wind'; Fucking Over Blacks In The Dirty South 'Is Gone With The Fucking Wind'

Confederate Flag Supporters In Georgia Indicted On ... - NPR

If you're an American prosecutor, and are sending innocent citizens to prison and you know it, God damn you because you need to be in Hell!

Injustice in America's courts is worse that Hitler's kangaroo courts

8 People Who Were Executed and Later Found Innocent

Too Many Black People in Prison -- And All That Jazz


Obama spends $500 million to train 5 anti-ISIS fighters

Another crony payoff to crooked Democrats


If you're Black in America and can't trace your ancestry back to slavery, you're not Black like US!

Is that what Rupert Murdoch meant about Obama and wasn't supposed to say?

13 Famous Black Americans Who Learned The Stories Of Their Slave Ancestors


Rupert Murdoch: Ben Carson Would Be a "Real Black President"

As Ben Carson bashes Obama, many Blacks see a hero’s legacy fade

US Justice Department to release 6,000 federal prisoners early

Releasing 6,000 inmates early from prison is not enough because they didn't deserve to be there in the first place!

12-Year-Old Black Boy Suspended for Staring at a White Girl Who Stared Back


South Carolina flooding looks like a revisit of Sherman's march to the sea

Payback is a mother; you racist dogs in South Catrolina

Sherman's March, 150 Years Later


Textbook passage rewrite history referring to slaves as 'workers' prompts outcry

The next thing you know, McGraw-Hill will one day say Blacks enslaved whites in America.. they're saying it now when they say America is a land of immigrants — know your history; Blacks came to America as slaves ; — not his-story; workers!


Reckless American Airstrike Hits Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan

U.S. Airstrikes Said to Have Nearly Hit American Allies in Syria


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