Are the Black Democrats and Obama playing US for fools — get the illegal aliens out to vote, you love them so



If we were in China, we would have Bentley for, lunch

I take that hind leg if the dog ain't got Ebola


Rand Paul Say GOP Must 'Show Up and Say Something' in Black Communities


Tavis Smiley: 'Black Americans Have Lost Ground Under Obama'


Michelle Obama Allegedly Told The President To ‘Get Out’ After ‘Hitting’ On Engaged Chicago Woman


Apparently, this poor white trash is not the only racist who wants Niggers dead


Obama's 'Dreamer' agenda is payback for illegal alien votes: Study


Is LeBron James over rated or over the Hill


Desperate Democrats resort to race-baiting to spur black vote


Republicans confident of midterm success as apathetic America switches off


Netanyahu insists he is 'under attack for defending Israel' after remarks from US official


Al Sharpton presence is ruining MSNBC ratings


These are some rotten, crooked, low-life dogs who run Chattanooga


Autopsy: Police shot black man with sword in back: How rotten can you get?


"He's just a low-down dirty mother fucker," the woman said!


It's time for Black voters to punish the Democratic party


Coalition of Black Democratic Officials Endorses Republican


New DNA Evidence Confirms Pre-Colonial Contact Between Easter Island and South America



Charles Barkley calling you Niggers 'Unintelligent and brainwashed' is like the pot calling the kettle Black

None of you Niggers are educated or got any sense; it's not so-called unintelligent Blacks who are keeping us back, it's the Black gatekeepers like Charles Barkley.

U.S. general, troops quarantined in Italy after W. Africa deployment


An ass beating (LOL) only a mother would love


North Carolina should be denied every championship they won for last twenty-years


The REAL Truth About Dallas Ebola Patient Zero May Be Unravelling… And It’s Not Pretty -


The great Bert Willams; that racist Jew, D. W. Griffith, couldn't touch Bert

Know your history and not his-story


Obama divorce rumors: White House breakup would be the first for America


A Natural Born Gambler -1916- Bert Williams -A great comedian and a fine silent comedy-


Will Traditional TV Survive the Digital Age? No! TV is a dying medium, that's why you see so many Niggers on TV today because the white man will only give the Black community something that's out dated.


Rare Silent Film With Black Cast Makes A Century-Late Debut


Your children are dying while Obama is trying to save these illegal alien kids: How big a fool can you be?


Tavis Smiley: No Good Reason To Vote "If You're Black Or Brown, Other Than Helping To Save The Democrats' Hide"


UNC-Chapel Hill academic fraud keeps dumb Black athletes in class and on the team


These Black crooked Democrats won't do nothing but they want US to go and vote for them


Stuffed ballots, rigged voting machines, and illegal immigrants voting


US too stupid to help in fight against ISIS


GOP has derailed immigration reform


AP Poll: Women Turning to GOP as Obama, Democrats Plunge


Jealous Man Warns President Obama: Don't Touch My Girlfriend


Obama says all Democratic candidates support me — even in red states — that was stupid to say two weeks before the elections.


Where y'all finding all these crazy ass Niggers from, Dog?


Buyer’s remorse: polls reveal people can't remember voting for Obama


Republicans accused of 'race-baiting' for running ad on black convict murderer


So what if it's another Willie Horton


Serena and her sister Venus referred to as the "Williams brothers"


Fine and thick

Another croney selected as Ebola Czar; yeah, but he knows more about Ebola than Obama knows about ISIS


Justice Ginsburg sees what motivates Texas' voter ID law: racism


Michael Brown Shooting: Grand Jury Witness Claims To Have Seen The Entire Scene Unfold


How Al Sharpton is using Obama, Ferguson and MSNBC to boost his influence


Obama voters: The thrill is gone


'White Privilege' is as real as white racism in America


Race and Police Shootings : It's Open Season on Black Americans


Black teenagers 21 more times likely to be shot by police than white, study finds

It may be a 100 times more likely


The Mis-Education Of African-American Girls


Is Your Money Better Off Under Your Mattress?


Somebody Done Told You Wrong: Black Celebrities Who Say They’re Not African American

What's in a name? Everything!


What If Black America Were a Country?


We got so many stupid ass Niggers running for office, you can make a Tarzan movie or two


These Black cops are no better than the racist white cop when it comes to oppressing the Black commuity, they could be worse


Stagger Lee & Red Tape Do MLK Day

Lauren Taylor, the announcer in this skit


'Black Owned' is a business - and a state of mind



As long as the welcome mat is out, they will keep on coming.


Two 'unaccompanied minors' carjack elderly man in Iowa


ISIS Caught Crossing Border, US Rep Claims


Obituaries for Lauren Taylor; may she rest in peace


You Niggers too shifty; the devil cops don't know if you're going for driver's license or a gun most of you Niggers carry


Woman whose burned body was found in Gwinnett park identified Lauren Taylor


Citizens jailed on trumped up charges happens everyday in America


White woman defends Black man from Black police

Some of these flunky, Nigger cops can be worse than a white, devil cop any day of the week!


Will there be blood in streets of Ferguson if Brown's cop killer not charged?


Ebola Expert: Illegal Immigrant Children Could Spread Ebola, TB


The damnation of a racist nation called America


10 Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Minors Diagnosed With TB

You're not a fool until you feel like fool — we feel these illegal aliens are making a fool of US


Agent: Immigrants from Ebola-stricken Countries Caught at Border


Police: 4-year-old brings heroin to daycare, gives it out as candy


The Black caste system: if you're white that's alright, if brown, stick around — but if you're Black, get the Hell back!


How We Created a Massive Racial Caste System in America


The Holder Haters will never stop — really, they hating on all Niggers!


Republican gerrymandering shot down like Charlie Brown


Leave 'em alone; these queers are on the move; these faggots need love too! Pun intended...


DHS to intensify attacks on freedom oriented citizens


Michigan's Terri Lynn Land Slams Obama on Illegal Immigration, Islamic State


Black Women who were Lynched in America



Julia Pierson: As Incompetent As the person who hired her


10 Outrageous Reasons Black People Were Lynched in America

One Nigger stole a chicken; the boss said we needed that bird


These incompetent political hacks gonna get US all killed


White Women and the Defense of Lynching — it was so many Niggers lynched over the White Woman, you can make a Tarza Movie — you can make two Tarza Movies!


Texas execution of Black woman brings legal lynchings to 500

US officials say New Mexico centre, building to house women and children from Central America — but who will pay?


U.S. Sues American Co. For Requiring Workers to Speak English

I went to see a fight but car racing broke out!


James Armistead Lafayette: the real hero and spy in the Revolutionary War, not that stupid Washington

Know your history and not his story


Campaign ads use racial scare tactics in Southern black strongholds for Democrats


Concerns over low Black voter turnout for midterm elections

Are the Black Democrats and Obama playing US for fools — get the illegal aliens out to vote, you love them so



Republicans Tried to Suppress the Black Vote in North Carolina. It's Not Working.

Do the Hispanic caucus control the Black caucus


Universal Retardation The Problem Looking For Solutions In Chattanooga

This webcast is special to 'Black News'

To the leaders in Chattanooga; when you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results, that's the mark of a fool, fool!


Racist Republicans try to turn back history with attack on Black voters

Boy them some rotten ass crackers, or what?


Robbery charges for Suge Knight, Katt Williams

Say it ain't so, y'all


Non-citizen immigrants who voted in 2008 and 2010 may have swung elections


US-Israel relations in 'crisis' after Moshe Ya'alon snubbed


Most people think Condoleezza Rice should not be on the College Football Playoff committee


Because that stupid bitch ain't worth a horse's ass


Alabama jail let patients die of gangrene, constipation and alcohol withdrawal

Jailing the poor is big business in the dirty, racist South, since we don't know how to educate them


Educators in Atlanta who rigged test scores should be taken out and shot; not for cheating, but for being butt ugly


The 'birthright citizenship' debate: these illegal aliens are making a pure fool out of US


Them Niggers voted twice some trice to beat me, judge!


Why are these Hispanics so concerned about legalizing these illegal aliens? Because that will justify the lie that they are the fastest growing minority.

There maybe more illegal Hispanics in our country than legal


Cost of educating new class of illegal immigrant minors estimated at over $760M

That money should go to educating American children: this is the most fucked-up shit to think about.


Ferguson protests: Amnesty report criticises police excesses

America is filled with these white racist devil cops who hate Black men


Black Vote Seen as Last Hope for Democrats to Hold Senate

Is that right? So, why did Obama wait until the last minute to come to Blacks?


To vote or not to vote? That is the question!


Birmingham pays $460,000 to end police beating lawsuit, but only $1,000 goes to plaintiff

Them dirty crackers beat that Nigger out of all the money, again!


Hannibal Buress Says Bill Cosby Is a Rapist: A History of Sexual Assault Allegatio

That dirty ass rotten ass Nigger has gotten away with everything because he's a safe Nigger!


Black Republican actress' racist remarks hurt GOP

Don't be hating on Stacey Dash; that skeezer needs a job

Fox News host makes extremely racist comment about the Democratic party


Jeff Sessions says (sic)Obama's Immigration Policies Hammer Black Workers

Democrats could care less about the Black worker or Black voter


Man Held After 7 Bodies Found in Northwest Indiana

Is this another Nigger serial killer?


Latinos, angry with Obama, may sit out midterm vote, hurting Democrats

Democrats only help their family and their friends


Why U.S. citizenship matters


Pictures of Black voters make whites more likely to support voter ID laws



When 8 out of 10 registered Black voters go to the polls, that has always been the great white fear in America


Fear rises in stock market as Dow drops 400 points

Sell, sell and hide your money under the mattress


Call me black, not African-American


Are we Black or African-American? Many who identify with our race didn't come from Africa, and most Blacks who trace their roots to slavery, don't identify with Africa.


Quit rigging the system with these Anchor Babies

Screw you! — you got milk?


Ferguson activists reject religious leaders’ "Uncle Tom" platitudes



Is Jesse L. Matthew Jr. serial killer?



Morgan Harrington, Crazy Jesse Matthew and Hannah Graham


Dalton native (Lauren Taylor) found strangled and burned in Gwinnett County


Proof: Virus leaving U.S. children paralyzed did come from Central America

Proof positive; these illegal alien kids brough that shit over here! Any fool would suspect that!


Five U.S. Airports Will Institute New Ebola Screening Procedures


Just look who they got doing the screening — white people would never take a job like that.


Talking About Giving That Nigger a Funeral: That Nigger's Still Infectious

Lord, Lord, them fools gonna get us all killed!


Yeah, we refuse to give that Nigger some vaccine; cause he told a lie to get in the country.

We so mad at that Nigger we don't know what to do— coming over here dripping with Ebola! You were on your way to jail, anyway...


Dallas County prosecutor considering criminal charges against Ebola patient in Texas


Why Black Americans think there's a racist hiding behind every tree



Your sins will find you out


Tennessee will lynch a Black American quicker than cat can lick its ass, and Chattanooga will lynch a Nigger quicker than that!

We finally got that laughing ass Nigger


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