Racism Against Blacks Has Been The Biggest Evils Faced By Mankind



We just don't like that Nigger; he keeps riding Trigger


NSA bulk data collection violates constitutional rights, ACLU argues


Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media


Florida Woman Imprisoned for 'Warning Shot' Released From Prison Before Thanksgiving


Or better yet, who cares what this uneducated rapist, racist and drug addict thinks when even what he called "brain" was knocked out of him in the ring years ago?


Racism Against Blacks Has Been The Biggest Evils Faced By Mankind


With Friends Like Israel, Who Needs Enemies?


Round Up Illegal Aliens and Deport Them (So Says Saudi Arabia)


Is just the mentioning of Tennessee enough to make a Black man want to kill?


Black leaders can't stop 'Knockout Game' because there are no Black leaders


Another politician gone nuts


Going the joint ain't that bad, really?


Racial profiling gone wild in Miami Gradens!

Earl Sampson, 28, has been stopped by Miami Gardens police 258 times in four days at a store he works for... cops say the Nigger rides Trigger!


JFK Phone Call - More of JFK Cursing on the Phone


Lyndon Johnson Cursing Out Racist Richard B. Russell of Georgia To Serve On Warren Commission


You dropped the bomb on me, baby, you dropped the bomb on me!


Nigger, couldn't you have found a better job?


The Scottsboro Boys: The Chattanooga connection


Key Moments in the Fight for Civil Rights


I'm hungry; please take me to Taco Bell, now!

Dumb and dumber in exceptional America

Why beat a dead horse to death?


Our incompetent government going to get us all killed

Who killed JFK? Fifty years on, slew of new books add fuel to conspiracy fire


Setting Limits in Clinical Medicine


Black officers in Bay Area’s East Palo Alto allege racial bias by former black police chief


Teen Playing The Knockout Game Gets Shot Twice By Victim


GOP just won't let that shit go...


It's not easy being a Black man in America too! Most white people in this country hate our guts...


Detroit man charged with murder in shooting death of Renisha McBride


WOAH! Charles Barkley: I agree with the Zimmerman verdict

Charles, it's should have gone to jail, not should have went to jail because the past participle in this case takes on the future perfect.


Blacks not wanted in any of thesemajor university


Obama aims to stem growing criticism by offering health insurance fix


SNL looking for a Nigger riding Trigger


Facebook and Microsoft help fund rightwing lobby network, report finds


We have no job openings for a typewriter repair man


Breakthrough scan detects high risk patients and will save the lives of thousands

New heart guidelines could put more Americans on statins


Does race matter in politics?


Are Black Voters Really That Stupid To Go And Vote For Somebody They Don't Know?


In the Dirty South, you would think they won the Civil War


Matt Lauer and Sarah Palin Get Into Heated Exchange Over Obamacare (Video)


Who's afraid of the big bad Jew?


Open season on Blacks; they don't care who you are


Totality of slavery made mercilessly clear in '12 Years a Slave'


Obama Blasts Ted Cruz Over Obamacare — But Not By Name


DEAR REPUBLICANS: Here's How To Not Be Hated By Minority Voters


Tennessee Legislators Urged Not to Address Neo-Confederate Conference


Jail too good for this crook; maybe hell is the right place


Crack smoking mayor refuses to step down


America's Current Racial Caste System - We Need to Ensure That It Is Our Last


VIDEO: Shaquille O’Neal endorses Chris Christie for New Jersey governor


For Many Iranians, 'Death To America' Are Just Words; is that right?


CIA made doctors torture suspected terrorists after 9/11, taskforce finds


Dennis Rodman: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a 'good-hearted kid


Why are there so few black female stars with darker skin?


If you are light or bright, you're alright, and browns you can stick around, but if you're Black, get your butt back!


Will Smith Cheating; Thank God It Wasn't With A Man

White people are afraid of Niggers who are too Black because they remind them of Nat Turner


Smoking is not only bad for your health, it can make you look ugly


JFK Holds Complex Place in Black



Toronto mayor in fresh controversy as video surfaces of drunken rant


Obamacare and Romneycare: sameframework doesn't mean same results


Adding To Insurance Confusion, Outside Groups Try To Cash In



Who knew we bombed Syria said the Bigm Bad Wolf?


Nelson Mandela film: is ANC about to throw away his legacy?



JFK and the Diem Coup

Everybody knows that


White Alienation, Black Satisfaction and the Obama Era

We love you, man!


Thanks for nothing: Despite promises, blacks lag behind in Obama economy


Minority voters key to Christie coalition, for N.J. race and beyond


Food stamp cuts kick in, affecting about 47 million


How a war game brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster

What the hell, all you Niggers look alike


US adults are dumber than the average human

On Tuesday, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released the results of a two-year study in which thousands of adults in 23 countries were tested for their skills in literacy, basic math and technology. The US fared badly in all three fields, ranking somewhere in the middle for literacy but way down at the bottom for technology and math.

Non-Jewish media owners: Hope for the future

We want it all, even the Internet

Sticks and stones can break your bones, but they won't stop Obamacare


Rotten Jew Brags About Stealing America's Military Secrets For Israel


There's A Death In The Family

This Webcast Is Special To Black News

For slower computers


So this is how you illegal aliens treat President Obama?


Shake 'um down li'l Al and get paid in the shade


Tennessee County Grand Jury Calls on State to Legalize Marijuana


Was Lee Harvey Oswald A Civil Rights Activist


Don't call me a Nigger, you stupid ass Nigger!


Before killing JFK, Oswald targeted racist Edwin A. Walker — and missed


How John F Kennedy's assassination spurred the drive for racial equality


Justice delayed is justice denied

Last three of Scottsboro Nine receive posthumous pardons for 1931 'crime'


Two-to-you:What to do with N-word ake Nigger?

Webcast special to Black News


Wisconsin got so many Niggers in prison they can make a thousand Tarzan movies


Tennessee and Georgia got a lot of Niggers in Prison too


Cops in Detroit suburb humiliated black men in ‘racist’ videos: report


The greatest speech in history was not ‘silly remarks’

That was Lincoln's Master-Stroke...


The girls got back


It's murder, it's murder, murder most foul


Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announces charges against Theodore Wafer, 54, of Dearborn Heights in conncection with the murder of Renisha McBride, 19, of Detroit.


You racists who hate Obamacare: get a life, and go back to clubbing baby seals


Is Al Sharpton A Pathological Liar

He's a pastor without a church, and a gift that keeps on giving to Black News



This Nigger has lost his mind

Then It Wouldn’t Be A Black Caucus, Brain Surgeon!


“60 Minutes” Trash Journalism on Benghazi Scandal


Do we need another Clinton in White House?


Two-To-You: The Devil's Ganna Get You

Special To 'Black New'


Nigger, don't fuck with my cousin


Now you know how Niggers feel in racist America


Blacks Are So Stupid; We Only Have Ourselves To Blame


Finding a Black at CMA was harder than finding someone there with a college degree


Crack smoking mayors need love too


Do black men ignore dark-skinned black women for high yellow?



I can't help it if my dad's a fool; the apple don't fall far from the tree


Go back to Cuba you fricking nut


Snowden Open to Testifying in Germany

A snitch or a patriot


How Winning Blacks Make Christie the Most Electable of All Republicans?



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