Rayshard Brooks struggled in system but didn’t hide his past. You can't hide it because that's the first thing they gone bring up is your past.

Images of Brutality Against Black People Spur Racial Trauma

Fauci says new US coronavirus cases could hit 100,000 a day in stark warning to Senate – live

Trump in ‘fragile’ mood and may drop out of 2020 race if poll numbers don’t improve, GOP insiders tell Fox News

Trump’s worst nightmare may be happening

Exclusive: Hundreds of George W. Bush administration officials to back Biden, group says

Black lives and the CBC: What happens to a dream deferred?

Langston Hughes - 1902-1967 What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore— And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over— like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode!

Donald Trump slams Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome’s call to ‘burn down this system’ as ‘treason, sedition, insurrection'

NYC Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome on race, activism and gentrification

Black Lives Matter Greater New York chair on movement's goals

Who is Hawk Newsome and what did the Black Lives Matter leader say about the movement?

Field Negro v House Negro. Black Caucus members real House Niggers In Washington DC

Could the Black vote save Trump? Polls deliver more bad news for Trump. Should the Black vote save him?

Facebook will label newsworthy posts that break rules as ad boycott widens

Rayshard Brooks struggled in system but didn’t hide his past. You can't hide it because that's the first thing they gone bring up is your past.

I can't breathe! Scientists just beginning to understand the many health problems caused by COVID-19

Three North Carolina police officers fired for racist comments calling for 'slaughtering' Black people

‘We cannot flunk this moment’: Black Caucus looks to deliver. Not for Black voters 'cause they're owned by the Democratic Party

'The Computer Got It Wrong': How Facial Recognition Led To False Arrest Of Black Man. Shit Broke 'cause All You Niggers Look Alike.

A Look Back: Ben Cauley on the plane crash that took the life of Otis Redding and members of the Bar-Kays

Otis Redding "Try A Little Tenderness" Live 1967

Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long - Live in Olympia Paris

Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (Official Music Video)

Black Lives Matter Protester Aaron Glee, Jr.

Florida Man Admits Killing Two Women Who Were At Black Lives Matter Protest

Guardian analysis shows how organizations and officers in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago work against reform

Meet the young Black women leading the fight for racial equality in Anne Arundel County

Black candidates tap protest energy to challenge Democrats

Is There a White Racist Hiding Behind Every Tree In America? Fucking A! And Under Every Rock

Brooks repeatedly referred to a “Natalie White” as his girlfriend the night he was killed

A Tax Payer Give Away. Here’s The ENTIRE List Of Public Companies That Got Biggest PPP Loans

A Record Number Of Black Women Are Becoming Mayor Of Major Cities

Powerless Black women in powerful positions in racist America. They party girls. Slaves to the Democratic party.

Riding a bicycle while Black. Byron Williams said 'I can't breathe' 17 times as police restrained him. Why did few protest his death? That's a capital offense.

Juneteenth: activists across US inherit a historic battle for racial justice

Conservative Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court’s four liberals in finding that the administration’s actions were “arbitrary and capricious” under a federal law called the Administrative Procedure Act.

Prosecutors brought murder charges Wednesday against the white Atlanta police officer who shot Rayshard Brooks in the back, saying that the black man posed no deadly threat and that the officer kicked him and offered no medical treatment for over 2 minutes as he lay dying on the ground.

Deputies kill half-brother of Black man found hanged in park

Liberal Groups Warn Biden: Do More on Policing Reform or Risk Losing Black Support. Not Another Crime Bill, You Fool!

Police Said No Foul Play in Deaths of 2 Black Men Hanging From Trees, But Families Are Skeptical

Malcolm Harsch, Robert Fuller, both black, both found hanging from a tree 50 miles apart in CA.

Black Lives Matter protests: Atlanta shooting of Rayshard Brooks declared homicide - live updates

'Black Wall Street': Trump's plan for rally in Tulsa calls attention to 1921 race massacre

Rayshard Brooks didn't have to die. Cops could have just left him alone sleeping.

Atlanta officer fired after fatal shooting of Black man. Will it ever end? No!

California City Residents Demand Justice For Black Man Found Hanging From Tree — Strange Fruit.

Biden's Vice-Presidential Search Gathers Steam

New Research Identifies Possible Mass Graves From 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. That's some dirty shit.

Who Is Robert Fuller? Community Calls for Inquiry into California Black Man Found Hanged

Sleeping while Black. A 27-Year-Old Black man was shot and killed by police after they found him asleep in a car at a Wendy's.

Cops said Nigger already confessed. When we asked the Nigger what he was doing? He said sleeping.

The results of our nationwide analysis of traffic stops and searches. In most cases they don't need to stop US

Jesus Was Divisive: A Black Pastor's Message To White Christians

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us. Word!

Fired police officers sue crooked Atlanta mayor, police chief. Black mayors scumbags

’I Can’t Breathe,’ Oklahoma Man Tells Police Before Dying. ‘I Don’t Care,’ Officer Responds

Another lynching and cops ask. Is that Nigger, Derrick Elliot Scott dead yet? 'I can't breathe,' Oklahoma man tells police before dying. 'I don't care,' officer responds.

Mothers of Black Americans killed by police speak out: ‘Nothing's changed’

Black Lives Matter is more popular than Trump. Being a one term president not too bad

House GOP delays police reform bill and it won't work because America lacks a 'moral imperative' in dealing with Blacks. Just do the right thing.

A moral imperative is a strongly-felt principle that compels that person to act. It is a kind of categorical imperative, as defined by Immanuel Kant. Kant took the imperative to be a dictate of pure reason, in its practical aspect. Not following the moral law was seen to be self-defeating and thus contrary to reason.

‘Each mile is not a carefree mile’: Our enemies are everywhere and could be anywhere in America

True story behind George Floyd murder you will not believe

Not just George Floyd: Police departments have 400-year history of anti-Black racism

Everything Crazy Candace Owens Has Said About George Floyd So Far

GoFundMe shut down crazy Candace Owens' account for attacking George Floyd's character, saying she spread 'falsehoods against the Black community' She's one stupid witch

Jonathan Jackson: the forgotten man-child​

Gary Thomas, Marin prosecutor paralyzed in courthouse gunfight, dies at 79

In pictures: Remembering George Floyd

As America burns, riots play into Trump's hands

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CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus might be 'more difficult' That's fucked-up!


Black Americans in crisis so let the dead bury the dead

Black Chattanooga woman stopped by 6 UTC cops for allegedly running a stop sign. We got that Nigger!

The St. Louis Couple Who Threatened Peaceful Protesters with Guns Live in a “Midwestern Palazzo”

Trump reportedly agreed to delete his 'white power' tweet only after the GOP's sole Black senator called the video 'indefensible'

Two Black Women, Two Generations, And The Ongoing Fight For Racial Justice In America

A Black Mother Reflects On Giving Her 3 Sons 'The Talk' ... Again And Again

Nearly one-third of Black Americans say they know someone who died from coronavirus: poll

The 5-4 ruling, with conservative Chief Justice John Roberts joining the four liberal justices in the majority

Missouri Woman Brings Confederate Flags To Black Lives Matter Protest: "I Will Teach My Grandchildren To Hate You All. At least she's being honest!"

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was “very proud” to honor the name of “George Kirby” while referring to a House police reform bill named after George Floyd. She can't be that stupid.

U.S. public more aware of racial inequality but still rejects reparations

Are Black people in America truly free?

Why Black Lives Matter-LA is trying to take down the county's first Black DA

Corporations pledge millions for Black-owned businesses. But are they missing the point? They could have done that in the first place years ago.

Revolt TV & Tidal Face Backlash After Inviting Russell Simmons to Black Lives Matter Discussion

These Niggers in Chattanooga can take pain. DA Pinkston Says Arrest By White Sheriff Deputies Of Black Suspect Early Tuesday Was "Troubling"; Racist Sheriff Hammond Hits "Quick Action" And "Sensationalizing Nigger Loving."

UN to hold debate on racism, police brutality in US: Live updates

Man, most whites about the most rotten racist motherfuckers you can think of.

Rayshard Brooks shooting police bodycam footage from Wendy's parking lot in Atlanta

Videos of alleged police misconduct went viral.
Then what happened?

China unveils details of national security law for Hong Kong amid backlash.

Trump unfit to be U.S. president, Democrat Pelosi, conservative Bolton agree

Not all Black people are African American. Here's the difference.

As Trump rallies, Black Tulsa revisits legacy of 1921 race riots

A History of Race and Racism in America, in 24 Chapters

Immigration Worker on Leave After Telling Black Girl 'You Don't Belong'

AP changes writing style to capitalize ″b″ in Black.

Black Lives Matter wants to oust first Black Los Angeles DA. “Jackie Lacey ! Kick the bum out."

The historic tension between Black and blue, and the rise in calls to "defund the police"

Tennessee Republicans approve six-week abortion ban in surprise vote. Next, a mexican standoff over Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court

Stop patronizing US. Black Lives Matter protests: Republicans to unveil police reform plan. It's Bullshit

Michigan To Reopen 2014 Killing Of Black Man By Mall Security

Texas Reaction to Supreme Court DACA Decision

Members of Congress took small-business loans — and the full extent is unknown

Trump was willing to halt criminal investigations as 'favor' to dictators, Bolton book says

Months before election, Trump finds himself at odds with most Americans' views

Get Home Safely: 10 Rules of Survival. Most of the times they don't even have to stop Blacks. Hating!

Opinion: Black Protest Is Music. Learning The Melody Isn't Enough

These Jews and racist crackers been making mockery of Niggers for over 500-years. Why stop now? It's wrong to do! It's been fucking wrong. PepsiCo dropping 131-year-old ‘Aunt Jemima’ pancake branding over ‘racist stereotype’

DARK LEGACY Full Movie | John F. Kennedy Conspiracy Theory

Steroid dexamethasone reduces deaths among patients with severe COVID-19

Looking for a scapegoat: Atlanta police seek suspect who set Wendy's on fire.

Mississippi official: Black people ‘dependent’ since slavery

A COVID-19 vaccine will only work if trials include Black participants, experts say

Bikers And Second Amendment Groups Crashed A Black Lives Matter Protest In A Small Town And Violence Broke Out

Philadelphia Police Investigating Murder Of Black Transgender Woman. Would You Fuck That? Would you take a chance?

Who is Oluwatoyin Salau? FL cops confirm death of missing Black Lives Matter activist

'It was time to take charge': the Black youth leading the George Floyd protests

Update: Police Arrest 29 As Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Westbound Lanes Of Bay Bridge

Stop using ‘Black-on-Black’ crime to deflect away from police brutality

'This nightmare must end,' protesters say of Black deaths by police

Bettye LaVette - Strange Fruit - song of lynching

‘Stop fighting! You're gonna get tased!’: WATCH complete sequence of Rayshard Brooks arrest & shooting FROM ALL ANGLES

Jussie Smollett loses bid to have new case dropped on double-jeopardy grounds

Sorry ass Black mayors don't want police reforms. They need to be voted out. Let's vote the bums out since they hire the racist cops in the first place

Chicago cops ripped as ‘cowards with guns’ for hiding out in congressman’s office: Rep. Bobby Rush

Police kicked back lounging in Bobby Rush’s office while Chicago’s South Side was looted

How Does The Electoral College Work, And Is It Fair? This Shit's a Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma. You go Figure!

The Mind of Black Lives Matter

Oklahoma cop faces backlash but won't apologize after saying African Americans 'probably ought to be' shot more by police

Black lawmakers unveil bill to remove Confederate statues from Capitol. Ain't special, and it won't a penny in our pockets

Who are the biggest racist in America? White people who call themselves Jews!

Washington sanctions International Criminal Court officials investigating Bush Cheney war crimes

Scumbag Tucker Carlson sees advertiser exodus after Black Lives comment

How the Electric Slide became the Black Lives Matter protest dance

Kant’s Moral Philosophy

After 15 stunning days of anti-racist protests … what happens next? Nothing now and nothing ever.

New Jersey corrections officer suspended, FedEx employee fired after mocking George Floyd death

George Floyd, Derek Chauvin Had Friction Working Together as Nightclub Security Guards: Coworker

If Black Lives Matter, the ‘Welfare Queen’ Myth Must Go

' Like Hitler, don't you have a bunker to be in?' Lawmakers hit back at Trump after he ranted on Twitter about Seattle protests

Thomas Lane, one of ex-cops charged in George Floyd's death posts $750,000 bail & leaves jail

Black News Channel co-founder, CEO Bob Brillante steps down two months after national launch

Black Lives Matter protests across the US and around the world

D.C. Mayor Chides Donald Trump At Largest Protest Since Death Of George Floyd: “We Pushed The Army Away From Our City”

Black Lives Matter protests across the US and around the world

After the death of George Floyd, black UT students look to their university for support

Data confirms most protesters arrested in Atlanta last weekend were from Georgia

Trek Urged To Divest From Police Business After Bicycles Used Against Black Lives Matter Protestors

US police have a history of violence against Black people. Will it ever stop?

North Carolina men arrested for looting, rioting express regret: 'Destruction is not the answer'

Police Reform Is Popular. Rioting Is Not.

Black unemployment 2020: African Americans bear brunt of economic crisis sparked by the coronavirus

For One Immigrant Community, George Floyd's Death Isn't Just About Black And White

The armed white men who terrorized Philadelphia’s Black Lives Matter supporters

Live news from protests, memorial service today

George Floyd: What has Trump done for black jobs, poverty and crime?