Why do they (Obama) keep comparing that faggot shit with the American Civil Rights movement? They're not the same; one has to do with personal choice, the other is by birth.



Hillary Clinton Suggests Jeb Bush Has Hurt Black Americans


St. Louis justice system biased against black children, U.S. probe finds


Video shows the encounter between Samuel DuBose, Officer Ray Tensing

Ohio cop indicted on murder charge in traffic-stop shooting


The Trump Card: He continues to surge in the polls


Another Black woman found dead at Cleveland-area jail


Intruders with Confederate flags crash Black child’s birthday party 


Home again, it's just so good to be home again...


Exclusive: Feds Regularly Monitored Black Lives Matter Since Ferguson

Whose side are they on anyway?


A Black Mississippi man who often dressed in Confederate regalia to support the state flag has died in a one-car accident.


Bernie Sanders isn’t Barack Obama; Hillary Clinton ain't either! Is she making mockery of Blacks? And, them stupid Niggers laughing!


Looking back at the Black American experience, in 17 definitive photos


California Police Forced to Release Dashcam Videos of Cops Killing Innocent Man


#BlackLivesMatter: the birth of a new civil rights movement: Stay away from crooks like Al Sharpton, and you may have something!


What did George Bush say about John McCain in South Carolina primary?


Bush's Trashing of John McCain


KKK and Black Panthers hold rallies at South Carolina Capitol, supporters clash


Is the Black vote up for grabs? Can Bernie Sanders win Black voters?


Raven-Symone Refuses To Be Identified as ‘African-American’ for The Second Time

This is not news, and who care what this washed-up actor wants


These devil cops will kill you mama and sister too!


Crazy ass Nigger leads presidential protest by waving Confederate Flag


Black Twitter demands answers: What happened to #SandraBland?


Strong Showings for Donald Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire Polls


“I love your Christ but I hate your Christians...”

Gandhi's message to Christians


The world only has ugliness for Black women. That’s why Serena Williams is so important


So-and-so is "acting brand new."


Black America has been playing by white America’s rules. If we want reconciliation, it’s time for white America to share the burden.


Racist public symbols in the US go far beyond the Confederate flag


Israel fighting against Iran's nuclear weapons, but they have had the bomb for years, and tried to sell it to South Africa

Is this the bomb the Jews tried to sell the South Africa


Rev. Al Sharpton Lashes Out At Young Activists Who Denounce Him

You got to be a damn fool to support this crooked ass Nigger who sold the Black community out for a TV show on MSNBC


Disillusioned Black voters ask: Is voting even worth it? Hell no, if the only one benefit from the Black vote is that crooked Al Sharpton


Forgotten Nazi Arms Caches a Bonanza for Historians


Los Angeles police LAPD kills innocent homeless civilian man in skid row trouble


Autopsy Finds Man Was Strangled in Police Encounter with racist Mississippi Cop


Trump: First they ignored him, next they laughed at him — now they're running scared of him!


Psychologist accused of enabling US torture backed by former FBI chief


It's not the flag, it's our mistreatment under the flag, period


Lone black in Tampa Confederate group defends Southern heritage


Democratic Party: Disaster for Blacks


The efficacy of voting rights is a myth; because the law never benefited grassroots Blacks, but a few Nigger Democrats at the top of the party.


Chancellor Angela Merkel to Greece: Quit rattling the beggar's cup again


Black People Should Stop Expecting White America To 'Wake Up' To Racism


The dirty little secret no one wants to admit about Baltimore


Hillary Clinton: Why her worst enemy is not a Republican


For Black Homeowners, Great Recession has not Receded


Marilyn Mosby Speaks: Freddie Gray Case Prosecutor Tells Black Women In NAACP To Channel Confidence Into Leadership


Not surprising some Blacks support Bill Cosby; you can get some stupid ass Niggers to support salvery for money


Georgia 2-year-old left alone with her dead pregnant mother for 36 hours after murder


Man arrested in connection with San Francisco killing had been deported several times, officials say


What Is the Difference Between Alpha and P-Values?

A lesson from Dr. E.s 'Methods Class'


While Hillary Clinton opposes Israel boycott, she supports mass incarceration of Black men


FBI Looking for Hundreds of Florida Man's Sextortion Victims


Bill Cosby’s ‘Pound Cake’ Lecture to Black Parents Made Judge Unseal Court Documents

A defeated sociopath


Why White People Will Always Be Racists


Mississippi Cop Accused of Fatally Choking Unarmed Black Man


Is Wall Street manipulating the Chinese Markets?


Walter Scott: silence and tears as parents visit site of shooting for first time


Chinese own IBM announces Nanotechnology breakthrough


Jenny Horne's tearful Confederate flag speech shakes S.C. State House


‘Black Lives Matter,’ pastors collide with new rainbow America: ‘We will not obey an unjust law’


South Carolina poised to remove Confederate flag on Friday


Twenty Places To Hide Money At Home Besides Under Your Mattress


Will Germany End its Devil's Pact with America?


The Man Tasked With Stopping China's Stock Selloff


Three people shot dead near University of Maryland, Baltimore campus


The road to the White House leads straight through the Black community, and it's not for sale like it used to be!


Racist white men make up 79% of elected prosecutors in US, and won't give justice to a Black man


Teen killed near Hadiya Pendleton Park as holiday weekend gets off to bloody start — somebody needs to stop this thing!


The 'straw that broke the camel's back'; now they all need to go back home, now!


Vandals spray racist messages on truck of white family with black houseguest in Texas  you Nigger lovers

Rick Santorum: US is 'moral leader of world' in fight against gay marriage



US puts newest illegal immigrants under more scrutiny than many criminals


Is it time to take your money out of the Stock Market, and hide it under your mattress


Polls show most whites admit to being dirty racist


Black Pastors' Group Urges Civil Disobedience Against Gay Marriage Ruling

O Church Arise! A Biblical Perspective on the SCOTUS decision

Slavery, gay marriage, and hypocrisy in the Black church

You can't be a Black Christian and support same-sex marriage too! Jesus all your kind hypocrites


Racist America does not deserve the patriotism of Blacks — it deserve our scorn!




Black America’s Bill Cosby nightmare: Why it’s so painful to abandon the lies that he told


Because these are some of the most rotten, crooked lawyers in Chattanooga, they make a hook look straight


Southern whites who know basic facts about the Civil War don’t support the Confederate flag


What it means to be a Black American on Independence Day — most peoples of the world think Blacks are stupid fools to celebrate this day!


Greeks shoot themselves in head voting 'NO' to referendum


Deport criminal immigrants to save guys like Grant: Column


They commit these crimes because they know Democrats will cover them


Trump: San Francisco killing shows perils of illegal immigration

Who will be the next victim of the illegal alien crime spree?


Who's gonna pay if we let illegal aliens stay?


Clarence Thomas is a clown in Blackface, and a monkey too


Donald Trump is on an absolute roll after wild week filled with Twitter fights and heated debates about rape


Christian forgiveness is transforming the Dirty South


The gay threat has most Americans walking on eggshells!


Coping While Black: A Season Of Traumatic News Takes A Psychological Toll


FBI terror threat warning sounds like 'Chicken Little'

The sky is falling, the sky is falling — it hit me on the head


Rick Perry tells Republicans to work harder for black votes


Them dirty crackers in South Carolina made their Niggers arrest her and put the flag back up


The friend of my friend is my friend


Why are so many politicians running for president? If that Nigger can win anybody can win!


These illegal aliens making a damn fool out of US and our laws


It ain't your damn business how much I drink — pass the bottle



FBI On High Alert For Fourth Of July Terrorist Attack


The fight over gay marriage creates strange bedfellows: Blacks and whites in the South working together to stop it


Robert Reich: Crony capitalism is crippling the economy


Fox's modus operandi; now they're hating on the poor?


Man who put Confederate flag on black soldier memorial says he was misunderstood


This flag comes down today! I know that's right!


The real reason why the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling is so important


STOP Crony Capitalism in Chattanooga

Will Crony Democracy do US in sooner than later


What will the gay community force on US next? A Booty call!

CVS Cheats: Maybe you need to start back selling cigarettes!


Two other officers at Samuel DuBose shooting scene will not be charged


Obama's admitting to be the first Kenyan-American president means he's not Black like US — Ergo, he's an imposter to the throne!

Everybody that's your color is not your kind!


The road to the White House goes straight through the Black community!


White officer pepper-sprays crowd at Black Lives Matter summit in Cleveland


Kenya and most of the world not up with that gay shit.

Why do they keep comparing that faggot shit with the American Civil Rights movement? They're not the same; one has to do with personal choice, the other is by birth.


'Black lives matter” was nothing but a slogan, Jeb Bush said.


Only a fool would step in the same shit twice!

Most Americans are fools


Ben Carson defends Donald Trump


Yeah, Blacks die quicker than anybody else because these white people are worrying US to death.



Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau's ideals of a 'Social Contract' is void in Black America because of racism

A house divided against itself cannot stand! Is America divided against itself? — Black and white!


Most of you Niggers in that Black church are pure fucking brainwashed like them crazy Niggers in Jonestown

If the crooked ass preacher said to; would you drink the kool aid? You damn right if it's grape!


Ta-Nehisi Coates’s ‘Visceral’ Take on Being Black in America


The Harlem Hellfighters: Fighting Racism In The Trenches Of WWI And Rotten America

Know your history and not His-story


To 'Black News' haters:

“Never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel and paper by the ton.”


Motive: Chattanooga gunman had DUI arrest that could cost his job!

These draconian laws in Tennessee forced his hand


Bill Clinton says he made mass Black incarceration worse

Who's Sorry Now?


Why Is Clarence Thomas So Disliked? Because he's an ape man

He's so ugly, he makes the ape look good


White people see "Black" Americans as less competent than "African Americans"

What you trying to say? These Niggers dumb!

Black child poverty rate holds steady, even as other groups see declines

The so called Black leadership is the reason for all the misery in the Black community


Do you know the story of Len Bias?  A cautionary tale!

Maryland Basketball Star Len Bias Is Dead at 22


NYC Settles With Family Of Eric Garner For $5.9 Million

'Black News' has forced these white owned Black websites to be more radical than 'Black News' about Black issues, and that's a good thing!


If the president grants another 40 or so commutations as expected, he will have shortened the sentences of more prisoners than any president since Gerald Ford: Let my people go!

Dear Conservatives: White Supremacy & Systemic Racism Are Real


Serena Williams wins Wimbledon, her third major title in 2015

Finally, somebody we can be proud of because most of you Niggers are too damn stupid!


See how they run: Democrats from sanctuary cities

How in the hell can cities like Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia be sancuary cities? These cities are controlled by Black Democrats who are protecting illegal aliens while Black men are unemployed! Something is wrong with that picture — again, you Niggers are too stupid to believe!


Comcast, Al Sharpton Hit With $20 Billion Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Would you buy a used car from this crook! What about the Comcast deal, and who gave him the right to use the Black community to get the deal passed? That shit was rigged from the get-go and we got played again! But, he got paid again with a TV show he's not qualified to even be on!


Donald Trump: the man who will be president


Bush raises $11.4 million in 16 days of campaign, and that's a crime for US all

Bush Family the Nazi Dynasty in America and will destroy US in the end

If you can't see through these crooks, we all need to go down under ISIS — They're the creator of ISIS and behind 911 and you're too stupid to know


So What About Nigger Officer Clarence Habersham : What Did They Do To That Lying Dog In Shooting of Walter Scott

Clarence Habersham; what did they do to this lying monkey ass looking Nigger?


Next World War Fought in Cyber-Space and Outer-Space


Florida Has Zero Elected Black Prosecutors; Nationwide, 95 Percent Are White: That's Why So Many Niggers in Jail

These White Devils Won't Stop The Hate Of Black Americans


Father Of Black Teenager Murdered By Illegal Alien Asks ‘Do Black Lives Really Matter?’


Guns are not the cause of inner city violence; no jobs and economic opportunities are the problem. Is that so hard to funking understand?


If you're big enough to give a lick, you're big enough to take a lick — little kids too!

This is real gender equality gone wild


Our government cares about retarded Mexican than the American people


A Study Documents the lack of Black Prosecutors: Zero in Most States

And, them racist dogs in Chattanooga lead the pack — most of the crooked non-elected judges and prosecutors in the court system ( here) need to be arrested because of the way they rig elections. Ergo, these are some of the most rotten crooked people you can find enforcing the law — all of them need to be locked up.


Hey, Hey, Hey — take personal responsibility for your actions you dipshit!

If he confessed to the rape, how in the hell did the case get dropped? Because he's not the American Dad, he's the white man's Nigger!


Hillary Clinton; always a bridesmaid, but never a bride!

Who needs this stupid politician anyway


We still lie about slavery: Here’s the truth about how the American economy and power were built on forced migration and torture

Immigrants didn't build America and make it great; slaves did!


For most Blacks in America; independence and the dream are an imitation of life

This Webcast is special to 'Black News'

America’s real founding moment: Why we get Independence Day all wrong


Bernie Sanders gaining on the 'Iron Lady'

Bernie Sanders draws crowd of 10,000 at Wisconsin rally

He's got presidential potential, he might could be one!


We are not Obama's whipping boy, nor flunkeys for the Democrats

You ain't the boss of me!


US police killings headed for 1,100 this year, with Black Americans twice as likely to die


The cops don't need a reason to hate Black, they were born that way!

Who cares about a pigs' opinion?

'Black News' needs to apologize for comparing Antonin Scalia to a pig — sorry to all pigs — y'all deserve better!

Pigs need love too


Why some Black defenders of the Confederate flag say slavery was ‘a choice’

This is Karen Cooper, a stupid bitch who is retarded; look at her good, and you can see crazy in her eyes


Who Is Bree Newsome, the Woman Who Took Down South Carolina’s Confederate Flag?

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