Black News... HHS had recommended that marijuana be moved from a Schedule I to a Schedule III controlled substance. A hip move!

Do We As Blacks Need Self-determination From US

Last month July


The Digestive Process: What Is the Role of Your Pancreas in Digestion?

Signs and Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Jerry Summers: Scopes Trial Again -Genesis

White man who shot Black teenager who went to wrong house will stand trial, judge orders

Are Black-Owned Businesses Being Gentrified?

What are the Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer? A Mayo Clinic expert explains

Jeff Sessions referred to Henry Louis Gates Jr., a renowned Black scholar who was arrested entering his own home, as 'some criminal'

We don't need another black face in a high place! Natalie Hudson becomes first Black chief justice of Minnesota Supreme Court

Tipperary crash: Gardaí urge public not to share footage of aftermath

County Schools Reach Level 5 In TVAAS; 27 Schools In Top Tier. What does that mean? They Improved from Zero! Dr. Smith is a Fucking Lair!

First “Hamilton Counted” Report Shows Increase In Clients At Homeless

This Shit Is Pure Trash! A Waist of Taxpayer's Money! What About Some Linear Regression? Comparative Analysis Tells You Nothing - A Baby Can Do That!

(For example, let's regress Act scores and graduation rates; when Act score go up, graduation rates will too. Body Mass Index (BMI) is another example. When you gain weight your BMI goes up)

In the Times of Pathological Lying, NAACP Says Full Information Still Not Given On Speedway Shooting

The identities behind the 30 unindicted co-conspirators in Trump’s Georgia case

The Psychology of Parricide: When Children Kill Their Own Parents. If You Do It You'll Burn in Hell!

Not running to win but get paid! Stacey Abrams' blockbuster fundraising driven by out-of-state money

Please Don't Put Coty Wamp In Charge Of Law And Order. Too Late We Fucked. The feds need to be here

Video Released Of Speedway Shooting; DA Coty Wamp not the brightest bulb on the tree, Says Officers "Did The Exact Job They Were Called To Do"

Electoral College & Indecisive Elections

Why are Black rappers aligning themselves with the right?

“REVOLT Black News Weekly” details 50 incredible years of hip hop

The gig is up! Fox and Dominion settle $787.5 million defamation lawsuit over on-air 2020 election lies

White supremacy comes in all colors. 2023 will make this impossible to ignore. Some are good at coverups

DOJ Sues Google for Monopolizing Digital Advertising Technologies — They bought off Double Click


Cleaning house; Former Fulton County deputy Gloria Franklin arrested, tried to destroy evidence after inmate beaten!

Black News need to apologize for comparing Thomas to a gorilla. Yes, we apologize to all gorillas, monkeys and apes

Kyiv had ‘nothing to do’ with Prigozhin plane crash, Zelenskiy says

Crowd Gathers At City Hall To Protest Speedway Shooting of Roger Heard; 3 City Officers On Administrative Leave; NAACP Asks Full Probe

Taking a payoff from a rogue nation! Vice blocked an article criticising Saudi Arabia. This is why we at Guardian published it instead

Is Trump crazy? Or is America? Time to plead insanity and throw yourself at the mercy of the courts

Mayor Asks Public To Allow TBI To Finish Investigation Into Officer Involved Shooting. Putting The TBI Over The Investigation is Like Asking The Fox, 'Who Killed These Dead Chickens?'

TBI Says Man At Speedway Produced Pistol But They Never Said He Shot It! For What We Know, Cops May Have Shot Each Other And Then Killed Heard. They Like the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight!

A Webcast you don't want to miss

Understanding 'The Merchant of Venice.' Shakespeare's Masterpiece, And It's Not Antisemitic!

Ten Chattanooga police officers 'Batterson' chief among them! They were reassigned to non-enforcement positions and will no longer be allowed to testify in court against Blacks, after they all lied and “misrepresented the truth or filed a false report,” according to a police department press release. Why was crooked Batterson back doing his dirt against Blacks. It was murder this time and that's good community policing!

Finally Europe’s sweeping rules for tech giants are about to kick in. Here’s how they work

Chattanooga versus the Supreme Court, With a Witch Like Coty Wamp Things Look Dire For Blacks

For more than two decades, Thomas AKA ape has accepted luxury trips virtually every year from the Dallas businessman

Names, photographs, social media profiles and even the home addresses purportedly belonging to members of the Fulton County grand jury that this week voted to indict former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants are circulating on social media – with experts saying that some anonymous users are calling for violence against them.

Chicago police sergeant fired for role in botched raid where Black woman was handcuffed nude

Institutional racism forces our young men into a life of crime! A 'mob of criminals' stole more than $300,000 worth of goods from an LA Nordstrom

Jimmy Butler TAKES OVER After Scuffle w/ Grant Williams

Are you crazy? A Texas woman is charged with threatening the judge overseeing Trump's Jan. 6 trial

What to do when your sites been hacked? Data Breach Response: A Guide for Business

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Official Music Video)

Elon Musk subpoenaed over JPMorgan’s role in Jeffrey Epstein’s activities. What about the rest?

We warned you! Georgia teacher fired for reading a book to students about gender identity

A raid on a Kansas newspaper likely broke the law, experts say. But which one?

US Air Force posts highest quality video ever of secret B2 stealth bomber dropping two 'mother of all bunker buster bombs' as tensions with Iran increase

This freak Bill Gates pushes back on Jeffrey Epstein questions in new interview, says he regrets dinners

Bill Gates says meetings with Jeffrey Epstein were 'a mistake.' You liar!

Trump claimed the Durham probe would uncover the ‘crime of the century.’ Here’s what it really found

Virginia Demoratic Rep. Gerry Connolly said two staffers were injured Monday by a man wielding a bat who came into his district office in Fairfax.

Fulton County, Georgia, bug-infested cell got leadership to resigns after inmate’s death, and accusations of unsanitary conditions. A good night for Trump!

Sex Offender Registry: Can I Get My Name Removed? No, if it's Pedophilia!

Trigonometry is also useful for general triangles, not just right-angled ones

Jamie Foxx was hospitalized weeks ago but there’s still not much publicly known.

16 Options To Consider for What To Do After College. Your Degree is Only Something To Build On!

How the American Dream convinces people loneliness is normal. I may be alone but not lonely.

Hate crime! ‘Racial component’ in shooting of Ralph Yarl, who went to wrong house

Raids held in federal investigation into Antioch, Pittsburg police – 'A dark day'

Grand jury declines to charge 8 Akron police officers who fatally shot and murder Jayland Walker

Oklahoma sheriff Kevin Clardy says recording of killing Blacks talk was illegal

Belafonte Sues Heirs of Martin Luther King Jr. Three Surviving Children

When car notes are more than rent; Americans are struggling to pay off their car loans. Three charts explain why

Chaos' unless Congress raises the debt ceiling! Headed to abyess; Friedrich Nietzsche

Born Slaves! The Convict Leasing System: Slavery in its worst Aspects and how white racist got rich!

says when you look into abyess. The abyess looks right back at you!

Frequent shootings put US mass killings on a record pace. They all crazy!

Like in South Africa, disinvestment against racist Tennessee will make them see the light of money

Effects of Triage Education on Knowledge, Practice and Qualitative Index of Emergency Room Staff: A Quasi-Interventional Study

Julie Chavez Rodriguez: The woman running Biden's 2024 campaign

Biden bleeding support with Black voters as 2024 campaign heats up: poll

Shake up in mayor's office! Joda Thongnopnua, Kirsten Yates Leaving Administration; Tony Sammons Named Chief Equity Officer

Black And Latino Students Are More Likely To Be Killed In School Shootings. Here’s The Story Of One 16-Year-Old Boy.

What are genome editing and CRISPR-Cas9? Genome editing (also called gene editing) is the ability to change an organism's DNA.

Stampede against Trump: New wave of GOP candidates poised to join 2024 campaign

How the Higgs Boson (God Particle) Was Found. Einstein had it wrong. It wasn't Quantum Mechanics but Quantum Entanglement

No bailout for sucker investors in cryptocurrency; Inside the international sting operation to catch North Korean crypto hacker

When car notes are more than rent; Americans are struggling to pay off their car loans. Three charts explain why

Ta'Kiya Young's family urges officer's arrest after video shows him killing the pregnant Black woman

Murder most foul! Ta’Kiya Young’s family urges officer’s arrest after video shows him killing the pregnant Black woman. Would a female cop have acted in the same way? But, here he comes, gun out blazing!

Plan for 55,000-acre utopia dreamed by Silicon Valley elites unveiled; it is abhorreth and hated!

The Jacksonville shooter killed a devoted dad, a beloved mom and a teen helping support his family

‘We’ll … kill you:' Election workers get threats, warnings they’ll be lynched, US government says

‘Like Snoop Dogg's living room': Tennis players complain of marijuana smell at US Open court

HHS had recommended that marijuana be moved from a Schedule I to a Schedule III controlled substance. A hip move!

The federal drug scheduling system, explained

Justice Clarence Thomas disclosed Thursday that Republican megadonor Harlan Crow paid for private jet trips for Thomas in 2022 to attend a speech in Texas and a vacation at Crow’s luxurious New York estate, as ethics questions continue to rock the Supreme Court.

Tennessee G.O.P. Again Silences Democratic Lawmaker Justin Jones Over Again And Again!

These Conservative Shenanigans Are Bone-Deep and Beyond Antidote for Racism in Tennessee

Here are the 10 drugs that will be up first for Medicare price negotiation

More Black workers are entering the job market. Many are getting jobs. Last time we had full employment was when we were slaves

Looking like death on a walker; Sen. Mitch McConnell appears to freeze again at a Kentucky event

‘Ax Handle Saturday’: The Klan’s vicious attack on Black protesters in Florida 60 years ago

Fuck you! DeSantis pledges $1m to boost security at historically Black college after racist shooting

Florida Black community's anger at Ron DeSantis spills out after the racist Jacksonville shooting

The story of Bayard Rustin, openly gay leader in the civil rights movement he led for freedom

An unsung hero! The great Bayard Rustin, Civil rights leader's legacy remembered on March on Washington's 60th anniversary. Take that Sharpton!

A man's moral weakness is outweighed by his accomplishments in life! Bayard arrested for having sex with men, this gay civil rights leader could finally be pardoned!

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Fool me trice, I am just a fool! Democrats worry their most loyal voters won’t turn out in 24

Biden is ‘old,’ Trump is ‘corrupt': AP-NORC poll has ominous signs for both in possible 2024 rematch

Jacksonville killings refocus attention on the city’s racist past and the struggle to move

Federal district Judge Steve Jones of the Northern District of Georgia will hear requests from three of the 19 defendants hoping to move their Georgia election subversion cases out of state court.

‘Bring them to justice’: Georgia town residents demand answers in Trump election plot

Edward Waters University Worse University In State

Like most cities in the South, Jacksonville killings refocus attention on the city’s racist past and the struggle to move on

Ramaswamy defends KKK comment about Dems. They not the Klan, but they did hijack the Voter's Rights Act!

‘I witnessed the best of America’: remembering March on Washington 60 years. They denigrated it

When will this shit ever end? Did Fat Boy Get enough to eat, and did that anathema call Al Sharpton get enough to say? Much ado about nothing!

Who Came Up With The 'One China' policy? Nixon and That Stinking Jew Kissinger!

The Many “One Chinas”: Multiple Approaches to Taiwan and China

Bring it on! Can the US and China prevent a war?

Descendants of a Bitish owner of slaves in Guyana apologize as Caribbean nation seeks reparations

William Gladstone: family of former British PM to apologise for links to slavery

Georgia indictment connected to Trump election scheme. She talking 20 years!

The latest on Trump's surrender in the Georgia election subversion case

Who will flip first? That RUDY GIULIANIA will fold like a beach chair! and the 19 people charged in the case. Your Mug bitch!

Donald Trump mugshot, finger printed, but no rectal check

Ukraine war - live: Wagner fighters warn Putin ‘expect us’ after Prigozhin ‘killed in plane crash’

There’s a Curse in Washington, and the Party in Control Can’t Seem to Shake It Off. In Fact, There's a Pox on Both Houses; GOP and Dems...

Divided government is more productive than you think. Really!

Remembering Mort Lloyd; Mort Lloyd was a pioneer in Chattanooga television broadcasting with some of the highest news ratings in our city’s history.

Services announced for former Congresswoman Marilyn Lloyd who died at the age of 89.

Mr. Sharpton has been called a race hustler, a hero, a buffoon, a fool and more. The march on Washington is a side hustle for Al Sharpton

A look At March on Washington’s 60th anniversary. Black leaders seek energy of original movement for civil rights and playing on Black communities' misery!

Looking for water; India lands a spacecraft near the moon’s south pole, a first for the world as it joins elite club

If Trump is reelected, who will he take revenge on first? When you seek revenge, first dig two graves! Confucius

Trump says he will surrender Thursday to Fulton County authorities

What Was The First Council of Nicaea? You Ask These Dumb Nigger Christians About It, And They Start Reciting John 3-16. That's How Dumb and Stupid They Are! That's Because They're Too Stupid and Won't Learn. These Crackers No Better Off! Especially Trump's Evangelicals. To Them, It's The Gospel According to Trump!

Play Misty For me! 'It chips away at you': Misty Copeland on the whiteness of ballet

Enough of these stupid Black women talking points! Why are African-Americans such loyal Democrats when they are so ideologically diverse? Enough is a fucking Enough

How many time has the House of Representatives elected president? Looking back at the last presidential election settled by the House

It's all white, day and night! Two in three Blacks don't feel properly represented in media, study finds

Cops gone rogue! FBI arrest California police officers involved in racist text messages scandal

You can hide but you can't run! Proud Boy on house arrest in Jan. 6 case disappears ahead of sentencing

Names and addresses of Georgia grand jurors posted on rightwing websites

Big test for Sheriff Patrick “Pat” Labat! Georgia steps up investigation into threats against Trump grand juror

Trump’s surrender at Fulton County jail will be different

Georgia grand jury votes to indict Donald Trump over alleged 2020 US election fraud – four time loser

A look at the 19 people charged in Georgia indictment connected to Trump election scheme

'The Blind Side' star Quinton Aaron says people need to 'chill out' amid calls for Sandra Bullock to relinquish her Oscar for the film

All a big lie! ‘The Blind Side' subject Michael Oher says adoption by Tuohy family was a lie and he was cut out of money from movie

Michael Oher, known for The Blind Side, says adoption was a lie in lawsuit

The Blind Side Was Built on a Big Lie, Alleges Film Subject Michael Oher

Worthless Education Before the Loans, Student Loan Debt Statistics: 2023.

A den of thieves; Supreme Court avoids ruling on law shielding internet companies from being sued for what users post. Now, who needs to be judge!

What a friend, Jeffrey Epstein allegedly tried to extort Bill Gates over extramarital affair

Epstein: Deutsche Bank to pay $75m over sex-trafficking lawsuit. Do not forget Bill Gates

Convict Leasing Today In US Prisons! African-American slaves had been subjected to the punishments at the hands of their evil owners.

House Republicans are using the debt ceiling standoff to advocate for one of their longstanding goals – requiring more low-income Black Americans to work in order to receive government benefits, particularly food stamps and Medicaid.

Debt ceiling $31.4 trillion: A trillion here and a trillion there; now we're talking about real money! Here's what could happen if they don't raise limit

What happens when a unstoppable force (Dems) meets an immovable object (GOP)? Hell on Earth!

Police: A Texas woman fatally shot by a boyfriend angry she had an abortion.' That's my baby's daddy

In past two years, Greene County TN has collected over $2.7 million from national settlements with opioid manufacturers and distributors, and stole it all

How the American Dream convinces people loneliness is normal. I may be alone but not lonely.

He was six when police bombed Move – now he’s making the site a memorial of Move Killed

Ex-Philly Mayor, Wilson Goode Has Regrets 35 Years After Deadly MOVE Bombing. Fool bombed his own people!

FCC relaxes rule limiting foreign ownership of media stations. In the end, look what we got for

‘I did all that I could’: the tireless activism of Harry Belafonte

How much money will Bryce Young make on his rookie contract with the Panthers?

NFL owners get defensive after scouting combine gets compared to 'slave auction' by league exec Troy Vincent. Worse than slavery!

No love here! GOP use debt ceiling bill to push work for millions receiving Medicaid and food stamps

Times; Why We’re Capitalizing the Word Black

Belafonte Sues Three Surviving Children

Usher and Chris Brown Get Into Heated Argument in Las Vegas, Allegedly Turns Violent. Who won?

A Cautionary Tale for GOP in 2024; Abortion bans fail in conservative South Carolina, Nebraska

Look What Happened When the FCC Offered Murdoch a Way Out of US Broadcast Ownership

Oklahoma sheriff Kevin Clardy says recording of killing Blacks talk was illegal and evil even for whites

Much to do About Nothing! Black Smokers at Center of New York Fight to Ban Menthol Cigarettes

Racist texts by members of Antioch, California police force lead to federal lawsuit among racists. Why they hate US

In Fight Against Violence, Asian and Black Activists Struggle to Agree



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