Saving dogs before humans, we don't get that — Niggers can't be saved in Houston because they can't swim or float!

Black News@

'We only shoot Niggers': Georgia officer faces investigation for comment

Her tale was brutal, sexual. No one believed a slave woman could be so literate. But now Harriet Jacobs has reclaimed her name.

Catastrophic Flooding Swamps Houston As Harvey Stalls Over Texas

Saving dogs before humans, we don't get that — Niggers can't be saved in Houston because they can't swim or float!

If 'Dreamers' are deported, it will bring on (sic) the second coming of Christ!!

Black Americans going to hell wearing gasoline draws

This webcast is special to "Black News"

Will Trump shut the government down? Don't Talk, Just Do IT!!

When Black soldiers fought back against police brutality 100 years ago in Texas

Demonic video emerges of Baltimore Cops staging evidence on Blacks

"Black News" to crooked Black politicians: When your cops get caught planting drugs one time it's an example, caught doing two times is a pattern, but three time is a fucking culture

The light from the sun you will see in tomorrow's eclipse took a million years to reach your dumb ass

Niggers in Mississippi too dumb, retarded and stupid to know freedom — just listen to 'em talk!

Our Lion is dead!

Malcolm X

Dick Gregory On The Assassination Of Malcolm X

We went to a pro-Trump fight and a rally broke out

In the shadows of a racist past, Boston braces for a far-right rally

Blacks have met the enemy and it's them!!

This webcast is special to 'Black News'

What 'American Values' Really Means Other Than Lies And Hypocrisy

Rizzo statue defaced with 'Black Power' message; suspect in custody

Black Charlottesville Has Seen This All Before

Killing Of Black Men More Likely To Be Deemed Justifiable, According To New Report

If Trump wants to help Black Americans, put some checks in the mail

This is what we do to the Klan in the New South

Whites people in America know very little about racism since most are racist themselves

Black Voices on Turmoil in Charlottesville: ‘The World We Live In’

Lara Lee’s Poison Garden By Sinclere Lee

This trilogy is special to 'Black News'

Chomsky: Ronald Reagan Was An ‘Extreme Racist,’ Red States Are The Confederacy

If Trump is insensitive about race, Reagan’s infamous speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi was worse

Seven Things About Ronald Reagan You Won’t Hear at the Reagan Library GOP Debate

'Black News' to white America: Niggers ain't worth killing over because they didn't even show up for their own fight

One death reported after white Virginians fight for Black rights — Most Blacks don't care.

Alt-right rally: Charlottesville braces for violence

Charlottesville braces for white nationalist rally

'Girl please ...You are paid by the Clintons!' Omarosa fights back!

Black Journalists' Panel With Omarosa Manigault Ends In Anger

Omarosa Manigault Causes Uproar at Black Journalists Convention

China to Lil' Kim: If you attack America you're own your own — that's when Lil' Kim shit a brick!!

That Time Rep. Barbara Jordan Proposed What Trump Wants To Do Regarding Immigration

NYC billionaire suggests Black NY senator is worse than KKK

Daniel Loeb, a Cuomo Donor, Makes Racial Remark About Black Leader

New York Senator Seeks Inquiry Into ‘Apparent Abuse’ of Stipends

They cop low and go: that's why nearly half of Black men arrested by age 23

US justice is built to humiliate and oppress Black men. And it starts with the chokehold

Black man arrested for jaywalking was beaten in jail, stripped naked and mocked, lawsuit says

Kim's Attack Plans!

Trump goes after illegal entrants to U.S., not all immigrants

Since you love 'em so, then you feed 'em

Concerns over Trump's threats to North Korea are done and over because you can't unring a bell

Trump takes Buffalo Stance in Vowing ‘Fire and Fury’ to North Korea

Lawmakers slam Trump's promise to unleash 'fire and fury' on North Korea

Einstein's 'Theory of General Relativity' predicted that light should be bent by the gravitational pull of the Sun.

Einstein’s Eclipse Predition from the General Relativity Hypothesis

How a Total Solar Eclipse Helped Prove Einstein Right About Relativity

So, who the fuck today would be setting around thinking about some shit like that in the first place?

Chattanooga's Usher sued by man, two women, alleging he failed to reveal herpes diagnosis

Oh Lord, let's get that Li'l dog tested too!

It's just Niggers killing Niggers: Two Baltimore murders break 72-hour anti-violence 'ceasefire'

The Slave-Owning, Indian-Killing History Of The Man On The $20 Bill

How Old Hickory's genocide stole Georgia from Creek and Cherokee Americans

Blackballing Kaepernick: Fear of the Black athlete

Four strippers kill good Samaritan who helped them change flat tire

Brittany Curry, 28, Ponesha Taylor, 23, Johniesha Simmons, 19, and Lauteshia Dotson, 23, from Memphis and Nashville

UN Security Council adopts new North Korea sanctions, and may force Lil' Kim's hand

Sheriff Shipp Trial In Chattanooga (1907-09) The Most Racist City In The South. Why? Because they hate Niggers!

If you're Black in America and do something they call wrong, the first thing they want to know is if you got a record — below is your record, and you're a worse terrorist to Blacks than ISIS is to you — plus you're a serial lyncher and Hell is too good for you!

White Chirstians leaving church to go to a lynching, that ain't right! Why? Because they hate Niggers!

Remember Fort Pillow! Yeah, the white racists in Tennessee remember because they named it for a prison to wearhouse Niggers. How fucking rotten can you get?

Fort Pillow Massacre, Tennessee's best hour

Playing The Dozens: Your Momma Is Crazy

Jackie " Moms " Mabley performs live 1969

Buying A Bra - Moms Mabley

Good Old Days - Moms Mabley

The Video that made Trump President bcause: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"

What does voter turnout tell us about the 2016 election?

The Non-Voters Who Decided The Election: Trump Won Because Of Lower Democratic Turnout

Immigrant mother of three with no criminal record to be deported; one less mouth to feed

100-years of lynching in America

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Black Employment Up, Up, Up Under Trump, Yet, He's A Racist


White racists accused him of singing "jungle, nigger music", while some black activists said later that he "stole" Black music.

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Trump's business councils are disbanded after CEOs quit in protest


Have Black historians been wrong all along?


Is corporate America racist? Will an untrained dog shit on your new carpet?


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Why does America have an appetite for the death of Black men?


Pastor: Two men slain on church steps when gunmen 'basically unloaded on them'


Why Trump is better for Black America than Obama ever was


Black, Jewish Goldman Sachs executive sues firm for discrimination


Sexual torture: when police touch Black men against their will


For Trump, what comes up comes out: 'military solutions 'locked and loaded' against North Korea'


Let these white people 'blow of a little steam' in Charlottesville: it's all good!


DNC leader says GOP is 'the party of racism'


Democrats Still Have No Idea How to Talk About Black Politicians


Today marks three years since Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Mo., by a police officer.


4 sanctuary cities facing loss of crime-fighting assistance


MAPPED: The US cities you DON’T want to be in during nuclear war – and how to survive


Black Women Have To Work Seven Months Into 2017 To Be Paid The Same As White Men in 2016


Forget about Lil' Kim,Yellowstone may beat him to the End of Times! If this shit happens, all bets are off


Transgender African-Americans’ Open Wound: ‘We’re Considered a Joke’ — Nigger — Please!


Lil Duval, on “The Breakfast Club,” a popular New York City-based morning radio show that caters to an African-American audience, joking that if a sexual partner turned out to be a transgender woman, he would want to kill her if she hadn’t told him beforehand.


Will Black Millennials save Black-owned banks?


Black college leaders’ report card on Trump: Still awaiting action


Racial Profiling of Black Men Starts in Preschool


Black Oakland Leaders Criticize Mayor and Police Chief for 'Lack of Control' Over Police Department


Issa Rae: 'So much of the media presents blackness as fierce and flawless. I’m not'


$200 million later, why are St. Pete's poor Black neighborhoods worse off?


Capitulating to Black Racism


The 1984 Olympics Were Bad For Poor Black People In Los Angeles


Stagger Lee & Red Tape Mourns Whitney


Majority of White Americans Have 'Unfavorable View' of Black Lives Matter, Say Black Crime Is a Top Concern


Michelle Carter, no remorse, the stupid girl should have gotten 20-year for murder


Poll: 57 percent have negative view of Black Lives Matter movement


Why do Black men earn less? Because they know less!!


Black people can't win until this changes


'Right to Work' laws keep unions out of dirty South


Sanctions on Russians backfire leaves US up shit's creek


Half of these white racist in America hate our guts, and the other half they don't like that much!!


What is a Black professor in America allowed to say?


You got to fire Mueller now!!


On job front Trump is outperforming other presidents


What was Lil' Kim's response to new American sanction? Have Nukes — Will Travel!


Boy, you know them Niggers scared as fuck, and they did all this terror to Us, but they still hate Niggers!!

Black Lives Matter Activist-Turned-Politician Wants You to Rethink the South


Khalid Kamau Wins So. Fulton City Council Seat in Landslide!


College loses donors, students after Black professor’s posts. Why? Because they hate Niggers!


Old warhorse, John Lewis, leads march to nowhere


How Facebook groups bring people closer together – neo-Nazis included


All, trust me, all these white people in the South are hardcore racist, even the women and children — they hate Niggers — it all about that Civil War they won


Florida Cops Give Black and Hispanic Drivers Harsher Speeding Tickets. Why? Because they hate Niggers


Some, not all, of these Black Cops are just as rotten as these wicked, racist, white Devil Cops who hate Black people to the bone!!


White Economic Privilege Is Alive and Well


Black police worry community relationships being undermined


The Million Man March failed miserably


If you're a white Devil Cop, and ain't murdered a Nigger yet, you ain't worth youe salt


White men are organizing while Black men march to nowhere


Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Detroit’: When White Directors Tell Black Stories


Judge rules ex-Arizona sheriff Arpaio guilty of criminal contempt


Because of Trump, Black jobless rate is historically low


Is Jay-Z Anti-Semitic? Or, Does He Just Hate Jews


If Trump wants to solve the North Korea problem, use Taiwan like China uses Lil' Kim — fuck the one China policy!


Let Black Kids Just Be Kids


How China’s biggest bank became ensnared in a sprawling money laundering probe


NAACP To Embark On Listening Tour But Will anybody Care?


Parole for young lifers inconsistent across US


Second-chance opportunity for Black


FUSD invests $1 million in Black students in hopes of combating high discipline rates


I am no ‘person of colour’, I am a Black African woman