Admittedly slipshod, CDC director Walensky orders agency overhaul, over flawed Covid-19 response

Transplant hope for minorities as scientists successfully alter donor kidney blood type

Mexico’s citizens caught in crossfire as cartels launch attacks across the country

Admittedly slipshod, CDC director Walensky orders agency overhaul, over flawed Covid-19 response

Beyond frames: The new frontier in Video Analysis

Mighty Trump: Mark Gordon will face Democrat Theresa Livingston in race for Wyoming governor

University of Notre Dame hosts joint conference of national Black Catholic clergy and religious

Does Medicare Cover Dental Implants? Check it Out You May Be Covered!

New insomnia treatment Quviviq™ now on the market

Subjected prisoner Joe Nathan James Jr to ‘three hours of pain’ during execution – report

GOP pressure Garland as intrigue deepens over search of Trump home. Did AG Garland cross the Rubicon? Biden ain't no Julius Caesar!

Too little too late; Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock, this time in video

American recession fears collide with reality. They call it stagflation!

A disastrous megaflood is coming to California, experts say, and it could be the most expensive natural disaster in history

Crossing over the border, Tijuana rocked by wave of violent crime

It only takes a fool to do something foolish. FBI investigating 'unprecedented' number of threats against bureau in wake of Mar-a-Lago search

Worst than Benedict Arnold, The Department of Justice removed classified documents from Trump's Florida home while executing a search warrant involving possible violations of the Esponage Act

Grand jury declines to indict Carolyn Bryant Donham woman in Emmett Till killing

Bill Gates: Continued meetings with Epstein a big mistake. That's who he is

What is streaming? | How video streaming works

Akashic Records 101: How to Access and Read your Records

Republicans pounce on FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago to solicit campaign funds

Ukraine ‘endangers civilians’ with army bases in residential areas, says Amnesty

It's a melodrama Donald Trump News Updates: Fallout Over FBI Raid, Deposition Continues

More lies than garbage! City Council gives final approval for stadium deal; Council adds provisions for "Transparency" on $80 Million project. You got 99 problems but a new baseball Stadiumn ain't one!

FBI took 11 sets of classified material from Trump's Mar-a-Lago home while investigating possible Espionage Act violations

Rightwing media embraces Aids-era homophobia in monkeypox coverage. No, gays need love too!

Broke as Job's turkey: U.S. household debt surpasses $16 trillion

Why and When to File an Amicus Brief? As Friend(s) Of The Court!

An extraordinary story of forgiveness: from life without parole at Angola prison to finding grace

More human remains discovered in Lake Mead's receding waters

Forward! Is America’s latest third party marching to power – or oblivion?

New Orleans searches for remains of 4 victims of 1973 gay bar fire that killed 31

Dick Cheney calls Donald Trump a 'coward' in new ad supporting daughter's reelection bid

Payback Is a Motherfucker; Taiwan Official Leading Missile Production Died. He Dead!

AP exposes the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: The 50th Anniversary

If your p-value is less than your selected alpha level (typically 0.05), you reject the null hypothesis in favor of the alternative hypothesis. A statistics lesson From Dr. E.

Crypto crisis: how digital currencies went from boom to collapse

Blinken: China military drills are ‘significant escalation’

DOJ talks with Trump lawyers mark a grave moment for the ex-President

As recession fears grow, strong US hiring is likely slowing

Gay community braces for monkeypox as outbreak spreads in US

It's not just Latinos and younger voters. Democrats are slipping among Black voters too.

America's race gap between black and white homeowners

China restarts drills as Pelosi vows Taiwan won't be isolatedBreonna Taylor: US police charged over shooting death

Breonna Taylor: US police charged over shooting death

Election Officials Clarify Who Is Eligible To Vote In City Council, District 8, Run-Off Sept. 15

Not in my backyard! Operation Lone Star spotlights national border crisis in Busing Mission

New York's mayor says Abbott sending busloads of migrants from Texas is 'horrific'

Cheney braces for loss as Trump tests his political prowess in Wyoming and Alaska

Machiavelli, 'The Prince' wins again! Liz Cheney considers run for president after GOP primary defeat. Trump wins!

"We don't want to hear uncomfortable data": Revealing the Black graduation gap at CSU schools

10 Chattanooga Cops Deemed Unreliable For Court Testimony; Chief Murphy Removes Them From Enforcement

50 years ago, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act. The Black vote is what got Lincoln killed

The efficacy of the 'Voting Rights Act' and the reason whites were willing to kill US over the vote. With all the political power today in the hands of Black voters, if you don't vote, you don't count!

Systemic And Structural Racism: Definitions, Examples, Health Damages, And Approaches To Dismantling. Eracism in Corporate America!

Johnson Signs Civil Rights Act, Gives Pen to Dr. MNK Jr. Rights We Should Have Had Anyway!

Afro-Colombians helped install a new government in Bogotá. Will it address their needs? A former guerrilla war leader, Gustavo Petro elected president

Researchers change blood type of kidney in transplant breakthrough. Down with dialysis!

Liz Cheney is likely on her way out in a major defeat by Harriet Hageman

Trump made 42 endorsements in recent primaries. Here's who won.

‘On the DL’: The sexual politics of sleeping with closeted guys. Stop spreading monkeypox!

‘He’s going to jail’: If Trump really had classified

nuclear documents at his home, the consequences will be huge

FBI investigating 'unprecedented' number of threats against bureau in wake of Mar-a-Lago search

The cheapest politician money can buy; Sinema says she will 'move forward' on economic bill, putting Biden's agenda on the cusp of Senate approval

Kyrsten Sinema’s donations from investors surged to nearly $1 million in the year before she killed a huge new tax on private equity and hedge funds

That Dyke did her in! Anne Heche claims she was fired from multi-million dollar picture deal over Ellen DeGeneres relationship

The space-linked intrnet investing idea Bill Gates has backed since 1990s. He's sick billionaire!

The World Is Not Enough! Bill Gates' North Dakota Land Purchase Sparks Questions Online. He's Like a Spoiled Brat Who Kicks Over His Lego Toys Because He Couldn't Make Them All Fit!

FBI searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home for classified nuclear weapons documents – For real!

What Happened With Merrick Garland Supreme Court Nomination In 2016 And Why It Matters Now

Merrick Garland was historically snubbed — but he’s emerged more respected than ever

Armed suspect at FBI Cincinnati office launches Ohio police chase, shots fired during standoff

Herschel Walker Is Running to Be the Senate’s Dumbest Liar. He So Dumb, Putting a Mic In Front Of Him Is Like Putting Kryptonite In Front Superman. He'll lie faster than a cat can lick its ass! That's before quick got ready!

Trump pleaded the Fifth more than 440 times during his deposition. That's a Guinness book world record

Troubling questions unresolved in latest end to Till case

Senate Passes Climate and Tax Bill After Marathon Debate

Calling It Everything But a Boondoggle, Senator Gardenhire Says Stadium Venture Is Bad Deal For Taxpayers; leading to County Tax Increase



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