The souls of Black folk in the 21st. century is self-determination!!

The souls of Black folk in the 21st. century is self-determination

W. E. B. Du Bois The Souls of Black Folk (1903) an American classic

"Kanye West claims Democrats have 'brainwashed' Black Americans"

Virginia Ratifies The Equal Rights Amendment, Decades After The Deadline. It's too late now!

Tara Lee’s Poison Garden

By Sinclere Lee: Writing for "Black News"

Sewell said Biden’s life work has exemplified King’s legacy. She's a disgrace to his legacy!!

Citing district’s legacy fighting for voting rights, Rep Terri Sewell endorses former VP Joe Biden in 2020 presidential race. Just another Idiot from Alabama!

Florida high court sides with governor on felon voter rights. Florida proves 2020 elections High Stakes

Senate to accept articles today, Trump impeachment trial set

Can Trump Earn Black Support?

Black Business Group Demands City And State Leaders Commit To Boosting Minority Contracts. Will Jews Stop It? That's their Honey Pot!

Paul vows to force vote on Biden's testimony after GOP defectors clear way for impeachment witnesses

Black prosecutors back Gardner, say they've faced resistance

Young Black voters don’t seem to be as enthusiastic about Biden like their dumb stupid parents.

House Vote Sends Impeachment Articles To Senate

Biden campaign tries to shore up his African-American base with pitch aimed at HBCUs

Cory Booker ends 2020 presidential campaign. Dumb Black Dems want a racist cracker over a Black

Freshman Rep. Colin Allred endorsed Joe Biden on Monday. Nigger, you need worry about getting re-elected

Bernie Sanders camp goes after Joe Biden: He's 'repeatedly betrayed Black voters'

Are Niggers Stupid? Racist Joe Biden nets overwhelming Black voter support in new poll

Don't be fooled by the polls. Joe Biden nets overwhelming Black voter support in new poll. That's stupid Blacks Dems not all Black voters!

Despite Biden’s record with shepherding the 1994 crime bill through Congress, which some critics say helped lead to mass incarceration among Blacks, on busing and other issues involving desegregation and race in the 1970s - a core tenet in California Sen. Kamala Harris’ early attacks on the former vice president - and his handling of Anita Hill’s testimony during Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearing, Black voters remain the backbone of his support - and for one key reason, according to Harris. It doesn't matter because these Niggers insane

Pete Buttigieg attended private meeting with Black theologians, thought leaders. Its a new paradigm crooked Black prechers can't help you now

Pelosi plans to send impeachment articles to Senate next week

Hezbollah says payback for US strike has just begun

Trump and the Ayatollah playing chicken is a dangerous game

Iranian Missile System Shot Down Ukraine Flight, Probably by Mistake, Sources Say. One Hell of a Mistake for the People Who Died

Accountant pleads guilty to $65 million fraud to finance homes, jets, yachts, Lamborghini dealership

Ukrainian jet crash that killed 176: Evidence suggests plane shot by Iranian missiles, sources say

McDonald's: Black executives sue over 'systematic' racial discrimination. There's a white racist hiding behind every tree in America.

Trump responds to missile attacks that Ayatollah hails ‘slap in the face for US.’ Tension ease because one is scared and the other is glad of it

Revenge is a dish best served cold

World reacts after Iran fires missiles at US targets in Iraq

Avenging general's killing, Iran strikes at U.S. troops in Iraq, Trump weighs response

Trump says Iran 'appears to be standing down' in address to nation

South Africa's Black farmers fight to enter marijuana market

Now that South Africa's courts have relaxed laws against marijuana, the country's cannabis production is poised to become a multi-billion dollar business

New Decade Begins with Clear Black Agenda for US!

Oprah has done everything for white people and nothing for Blacks!

Big fat Oprah's 'Healthy is the new skinny': Fat ass witch kicks off WW 'Oprah’s 2020 Vision' tour with crazy Lady Gaga

Harvey Weinstein hit with new charges in Los Angeles during New York trial. Drop a dime on Oprah and throw yourself on the mercy of the court.

Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder Treatable? Exploring Treatment Options

How to Spot the Hidden Narcissist in Your Life | #OWNSHOW | Oprah Online. The Bitch Knows She's Crazy

I Survived a Weekend With the Cult of Oprah

Nearly every state is now investigating Google over antitrust violations

Black News Channel delays again. Get that shit and that rotten Nigger outta because it won't work

51% Of Americans Question the Credibility of Google's 1st Page Rankings

It is worth noting that the destruction of cultural heritage sites is a war crime under the United Nations, in a rule targeting not only ISIS and Al Qaeda but all combatants on any side:

Iranian MP says ‘we can attack the White House itself’ in emergency meeting as Tehran promises retaliation after Trump threat to bomb civilian sites

Consider this: You get beat-down in public at your home in front of your children, and person who beats you down says if you retaliate they're going to beat you down again. As a man, what would you do? I'm gone kill this motherfucker!!

Trump threatens Iraq with ‘very big sanctions’ unless it pays back BILLIONS for an airbase if US troops are forced to withdraw. Them people done spent that money.

Iran can call on powerful friends if conflict engulfs region

Mississippi prison officials investigate 5 inmate deaths in one week

Mississippi prison deaths up 10 percent, records show

World War 3 MAP: Which countries are allies of Iran and the US amid fears of WW3? No off ramp for US

Iran's options for retaliation against the U.S. and Americans span the globe

North Miss. man is fourth MDOC inmate to die in custody since Sunday

Everything you need to know about Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian general killed in a US air strike

US denies latest airstrikes targeting Iraqi militia in Baghdad – as it happened. Keep it up and US homeland soon to be hit

U.S. says it disrupted 'imminent attack' with killing of Iran commande

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini attacks Trump on Twitter after US president’s furious New Year tirade

Trump Killed Qassem Soleimani the Man, but Can He Kill the Myth?

Entering NFL playoffs, Black quarterbacks have already won

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TSU: Support Our Students, Support Our University

Senate to accept articles today, Trump impeachment trial set

Goggle racist ranking crooked against key words 'Black News.' What Matters To Google: Ranking Factors in 2019. Is Goggle racist towards Black websites? That's the question the 50 Attorney Generals across the country need to answer

Maryland Black suffragists’ history finally being told 100 years after women won right to vote

Column: African Americans know Meghan Markle is black. Yet many whites want to call her something else.

Disease that killed millions of China's pigs poses global threat

Sam Cooke: What A Wonderful World

Sam Cooke - You Send Me (Live)

Sam Cooke: Change Is Gonna Come Live

Iran is now enriching MORE uranium than before the 2015 nuclear deal – President Rouhani

Can Trump Earn Black Support?

The Jewish Media: The Lie That Won’t Die

Tennessee Governor Says He Will Sign Anti-LGBT Adoption Bill

Cardi B hints at run for office. She's not be the first chart-topping politician. She got 'Black News' vote

Black Voters Didn’t Need a Black Presidential Candidate. They Won’t Need a Black VP Either

When Black Dems won't support other Blacks': America will not see herself in full': Deval Patrick laments all-white debate

Inside the US prison where inmates 'begged for their lives' amid days of violence

Here these Niggers go again fussing over an Oscar: Academy Award Nominations 2020 snubs and surprises: 'Joker' dominates while J.Lo, Beyoncé and female filmmakers get dissed

Woman who sat in ER with chest pain left after waiting for hours – and died soon after

Bloomberg comes to Atlanta aiming to woo Black voters he’ll need to win. What about stop and frisk broke Nigger politicians won't mention

'Unparalleled privilege': why white evangelicals see Trump as their savior

Steve King Couldn’t Even Complain About Being Called a Racist Without Saying Something Racist

Iranian Missile System Shot Down Ukraine Flight, Probably by Mistake, Sources Say. One Hell of a Mistake for the People Who Died

Accountant pleads guilty to $65 million fraud to finance homes, jets, yachts, Lamborghini dealership

Cleveland Is the Worst Large City in America for Black Women, According to New Study

Legislative Black Caucus announces goals; what about losing some weight

Menthol ban gains momentum among Black lawmakers

Burglar cooks snack in Taco Bell then falls asleep

Gov. Gavin Newsom seeks $750 million in state budget proposal to help pay rent for homeless

He got presidential potential, he might could be one!

Why is the US still fighting the civil war? These racist crackers say they didn't lose they just run outta time

Student at Center of ‘Napping While Black’ Furor Lashes Out at Yale Officials and ‘Woke Intersectional Feminists’

Florida Supreme Court needs a Black justice | Column

NFL teams come under fire for failing to hire Black head coaches

Poll: World skeptical Trump will do right in global affairs

Trump Administration Quietly Goes After Disability Benefits

Proposed Asheville charter school to focus on Black, low-income students

NASA's planet-hunting telescope found an Earth-size exoplanet 100 light-years away. It could hide a vast ocean. So you Niggers got another place to go — so go!

How far is a light-year/? The light-year is a measure of distance, not time. It is the total distance that a beam of light, moving in a straight line, travels in one year. The resulting distance is almost 6 trillion (6,000,000,000,000) miles!

Iranian foreign minister says US 'will pay' for its 'act of war' against an innocent people

Stop Asking Black People If You Can Touch Their Hair

McConnell has the GOP votes for Trump's trial now. That doesn't mean he'll have them later.

Flynn crash and burn and deserves up to 6 months in prison

The showdown between Trump and Iran, explained in 60 seconds

Real life lessons learned from ‘Traveling While Black’ VR experience

Black Economists Recall 50 Years of Struggle

Iran’s Supreme Leader Says Iran Must Directly Retaliate for Soleimani Strike: NYT

Punished: Louisville Teens Charged As Adults Are Almost Always Black

Trump Jr. Slams Biden Over 'Token' Black, Woman Comment In Old Video

Black Lives Matter NWI-Gary calls for new Gary mayor to create civilian review board for police. Electing Another crooked Ass Nigger As Mayor

Oprah's 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Narcissism. The Bitch got It bad!

Megyn Kelly slams Colin Kaepernick's Iran tweet: 'I will not be shamed over

Ava DuVernay Blasts Megyn Kelly Over Iran Tweets: ‘Educate Yourself Bitch’

United Methodist Church Announces Proposal to Split Over Gay Marriage

Billy Porter speaks on the social media hate how his Oscars gown received

Here This Flaming Faggot Go Again Billy Porter Reacts to His Best Actor Golden Globe Nomination

How lawmakers, regulators could take on big tech in 2020. Get them corrupt motherfuckers at Google first for rigging website rankings

51% Of Americans Question the Credibility of Google's 1st Page Rankings

Once again, Iraq caught up in tensions between US and Iran. They want US out

Trump says US to strike 52 Iranian sites 'VERY FAST and VERY HARD’ if Tehran moves to avenge general's death. He keep on selling them wolf tickets!

What everyone should know about Reconstruction 150 years after the 15th Amendment's ratification

After Trump’s Strike on Iran, Bracing for Retaliation - Day That Was | MSNBC

Trump takes massive gamble with killing of Iranian commander

European allies ‘haven’t been helpful’ after killing of Iranian general: Pompeo. What allies?

The murder and hoax that made Boston’s Black community a target 30 years ago

NYPD Officer Resigns More Than a Year After Breaking Into Black Woman’s Home, Calling Her ‘Nigger

U.S. Helps 13 North Korean Escapees Held in Vietnam Reach Safety

Police seek suspect in Oklahoma transgender man's killing. A man playing like a woman will get you killed everytime

4th death in Mississippi prisons; judge says other prison OK

Report: California cops more likely to stop Black drivers

Mississippi senator loyal to Trump is filing for reelection

One Of R. Kelly's Most Vocal Defenders Now Claims She's Also A Victim

R. Kelly Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage Speaks Out, Saying She Is a ‘Victim.’ You Can't Believe Liar Even When The're Telling The Truth

Soleimani, a general who became Iran icon by targeting US

The radical Black newspaper that declared 'none are free unless all are free'

An affront to Boston’s Black History