Joe Biden for 2020 president since he was a good vice keeping his eyes on that Nigger in White House.

Some Blacks Buying Guns: 'I'd Rather Go To Trial Than Go To The Cemetery'

Most Young Americans Prefer Biden, But Trump Backers Are More Enthusiastic. Fuck Obama That Lame Ass Fake Ass Nigger!

In new videos for Biden, Obama and Harris make appeal to Black voters

Trump 2016 campaign 'targeted 3.5m Blacks to deter them from voting'

Woman Missing For Two Years Found Alive Floating in the Ocean by Fishermen

Trump official calls April Ryan 'Miss Piggy,' apologizes

Ohio could be Biden's best shot at keeping Trump from contesting the 2020 election

Joe Biden for 2020 president since he was a good vice keeping his eyes on that Nigger in White House.

From Bessie Smith to Cardi B: 25 essential songs by Black women that rocked the world

Jazz and blues vocalist Bessie Smith's powerful, soulful voice won her countless fans and earned her the title "Empress of the Blues."

What Did Alan Turing Do for Us? Everything!

Black families average less than 15 percent of wealth of white families, Fed says

Chicago police took 'hunting' photograph with black man as prey

Since 2015: 48 Black Women Killed by the Police. And Only 2 Charges.

He's one dirty rotten Nigger. Ballistics report doesn't support Kentucky AG's claim that Breonna Taylor's boyfriend shot cop

Why it's hard to charge US police over shootings. Whites in America will never go against the cops who protect them from Niggers. Word!

‘Honorary Black Man’? Cory Booker Says Joe Biden’s Nickname Came From James Clyburn. Why Would Stupid Clyburn Say Something Like That?

Officer charged in death of Black man released

The Black community needs to boycott ESPN until they fire these two big stupid over-privleged Niggers like Barkley and Shaq on TV.

Charles Barkley's Dark Past Involves Way More Than Just Gambling. He's right. This fool no role model for young Blacks

Shaq offers apologies to stars for telling lies on his dick. His dick innocent and plead no contest.

Women's March co-founder Tamika Mallory says Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron no different than 'sell-out Negroes'

A rising Black GOP star faces fury from African Americans over Taylor case

Trump Will Nominate Amy Coney Barrett Before Ginsburg Is Buried

Trump's Supreme Court frontrunners: A mother of seven who adopted two children from Haiti. Well she's not anti-Black like some one else we know.

The US can afford to pay reparations to Black Americans — as long as it sells some federal lands. Start with selling the Permian Basin

Trump's False Promises Black Voters A 'Platinum Plan' For Loans As He Bashes Biden

Who is Bridget Hallahan? All about Louisville police major who called BLM and Antifa supporters 'punks'

Louisville Police Major Bridget Hallahan's Derogatory Email Exposed. I hate all Niggers. Why? I just hate 'em 'cause they won't mind US cops.

Black LAPD Officer Taunted by Protesters in Wake of Breonna Taylor Decision

Republicans grab a Supreme Court seat, denying Black women their turn. Clinton or Obama could have put a Black woman on the court. But didn't.

Clinton nominated Ginsburg — Obama nominated Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. Black men or women are persona non grata.

The coronavirus is mutating — does it matter? Yes! No vaccine will work! This virus is here to stay

Brought to their knees. Officials plead for calm amid anger over Breonna Taylor case. Too late motherfuckers. Now, you want your $12million back

Reparations for Black Americans would cost trillions of dollars, and it's time the US government paid up

Criminal charges in cops killings of Black Americans. They like to kill Blacks. It's open season on Niggers.

Nigger got a white wife. What kind of Nigger is this?

Kentucky front Nigger Daniel Jay Cameron couldn't indict a Ham Sandwich

What to know about Daniel Cameron, the AG deciding the Breonna's case

Ginsburg (damn, she looks like a witch for real) to lie in state at US Capitol Friday after two days

Ruth Bader Ginsburg clerks to stand guard at Supreme Court. They'er all white day and night.

Trump-appointed justice could signal major Supreme Court shift on abortion

Dijon Kizzee's independent autopsy confirms he was Shot 15 times ... lawyers sound off on L.A. Sheriff. Cops afraid of him with his muscles.

Four Louisiana police officers indicted in death of Tommie Dale McGlothen Jr. Lock these Nigger cops up too

Treona McCarter, Brian Ross, D’Marea Johnson and James LeClare are charged with negligent homicide

The Crime-Bill Debate Shows How Short Americans’ Memories Are. Biden wants to forget.

Wisconsin-Madison graduate student apologizes for falsely claiming Black

Wisconsin-Madison graduate student Vitolo-Haddad apologizes for falsely claiming to be Black. Bitch, you don't even look Black. You fake.

The number of Black people killed by police is much higher than William Barr thinks. He's such a dipshit.

Crony Capitalism in America. The friend of your friend is my friend. The next Supreme Court nominee will be a Party crony. Now the fight begins.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, champion of women's rights, has died at 87

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87

Why you should request your November mail ballot as soon as possible, and when you can expect to receive it. To vote or not to vote? That's the question!

North Carolina Is Already Rejecting Black Voters’ Mail-In Ballots More Often Than White Voters’

John Legend Says America, Not CMA Awards, to Blame for Beyonce Backlash. They didn't want her.

The Only Black face in the Place. Mickey Guyton Became the First Black Woman to *Ever* Perform at the ACM Awards

Barr worse than Heinrich Himmler. Fool more crazy than Trump. You just cost Trump the election

Some good Black news: Maya Moore marries Jonathan Irons after his release from prison

Cardi B Files to Divorce Offset Wants Custody of Their Child Kulture

Finally she's on the market. Cardi B files for divorce from Offset after nearly 3 years of marriage

The states where Kanye West is on the ballot. This could be death for Dems in getting Black men vote

Kanye West Whizzing On His Own Grammy ...

Kanye West Is Still on the Presidential Ballot in These States

The Life Breonna Taylor Lived, in the Words of Her Mother

7 Bizarre Witch Trial Tests. We Need To Get These Black and white Witches In America ! The Test By Water Works Everytime.

Louisville to pay $12 million to Breonna Taylor's mom, reform police. Fuck police reform, let's get the check to the bank. That's the hippest move.

Shooting of L.A. deputies new flashpoint in a 'tinderbox moment.' The country is a tinderbox!

New Biden-Harris Ads Target Black Voters. We've heard your story lines before. What are your policies to compensate victims for the 1994 crime bill?

Josephine Baker a Black woman for all seasons: Iconic entertainer, Resistance spy, and American hero

Siren of the Resistance: The Artistry and Espionage of Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker in La Joie de Paris, 1932-33.

Josephine Baker: Iconic entertainer, Resistance spy, and American hero

Belarusian protesters commanded from abroad, including Poland, UK & Czech Republic

Protests swell in Belarus, Lukashenko blames foreigners. Now that you got that crook Alexander Lukashenko on the run use pincer tactics to trap his men.

Video footage shows Georgia cop beat Black Lyft passenger unconscious! It was a Nigger standing by.

The corrupt two party system leaves Americans with a Hobson's Choice. Take either one of these two nogood hags or nothing.

Guess who's coming to dinner? Harris and her husband target Black, Jewish voters in Miami

Florida Supreme Court rejects token Francis appointment as unqualified. A counterfeit Black

Ja-born judge lands another big US promotion ... Credits upbringing for success

What Nancy Pelosi wants in the next stimulus package. More plunder for me and my friends.

After politically plundering over $4 trillion of taxes for their family and friends, that stinking witch Nancy Pelosi refuses another $1200 for the people. We need $2400 you witch.

Black lawmakers look to 'forcefully respond' to police brutality crisis. Them Niggers full of bullshit.

The 'Falling Man' An unforgettable story.

9 11 photos that are still hard to view

Falling Bodies, a 9/11 Image Etched in Pain

Jew who urges dialogue with Farrakhan has nerve

Many Black People Say Police Killings Aren't 'Going To Be Fixed Overnight.' They like killing Blacks.

Forced to fall on his sword, Rochester, N.Y., Police Chief La'Ron Singletary resigns. That shit hurts.

Entire Rochester Police Leadership Resigns After Daniel Prude Death

Rutgers faces $50M hole: Lost football season would crush Big Ten schools, including Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State. The use Black men like slaves

Tulsa vs. Oklahoma State game posponed because of virun. They need to pospone all that shit and maybe we can get our young Black men back home. They Slaves

Naked demonstrators in spit hoods show up to Rochester protests over Daniel Prude

Mayor Warren and Police Chief Singletary defend actions amid calls to resign. Can the Ho' find another job? Not even on a poll in a strip joint.

In Detroit, signs of increased interest among Black voters, but concerns remain

A voting update from a politically divided Ohio family. Ohio residents Fred Harris and grandson Darius Harris

Cardi vs. Candace: Cage Fight. Scratch it out bitches. Feuding Over "WAP," Politics, Police Brutality

Cardi B claps back at conservative commentator Candace Owens for calling her "illiterate"

Rochester mayor, Lovely Warren and police chief put seniors in line of fire. The too stupid to know.

"My question is what are we a buffer for?" asked Hanif Abdul-Wahid, 67, who was among the "elders." "Are we going to stop a bullet? Are the police still going to have the riot gear and the chemical weapons and the dogs like it's the 1960s?" You're a front for racism against you.

Mayor Warren and Police Chief Singletary defend actions amid calls to resign. Recall the bitch!

Jacob Blake speaks out for first time since police shooting

US can’t beat coronavirus because most Americans are stupid morons

SC health experts predict COVID-19 surge after Labor Day, as students return to school

Judge Starnes Will Not Hear Protester Cases After "Vicious Personal Attacks On Me And My 9-Year-Old Grandson." Change to Judge Webb.

It was Murder, murder most foul. Slain shooting suspect was a regular at Portland protests

Portland shooting suspect gives exclusive interview shortly before being killed by police during arrest

'I am a culture leech': African American history professor at George Washington University admits she's been pretending to be Black her entire career in online confession. That's a shame!

Sen. Loeffler introduces legislation to prosecute rioters, campaign stop interrupted by protesters

One Crooked Witch. Appointed Georgia Sen. Loeffler Under Fire For Stock Sales In Weeks Before Pandemic. Black Lives Matter Got This Crooked Witch On The Run

Why it’s hard to give away money when you’re rich. All that money.

Former Mrs. Bezos now richest woman in the world as Wall Street highs lead to reshuffling of top billionaires

Coronavirus vaccine: who should get it first? What fool would want it first? The first maybe your last.

Working man Daniel Prude: New York police used 'spit hood' on man who died of asphyxiation

Officers covered head of Black man and held him to the ground before he stopped breathing, bodycam video shows

Dumber than he looks. 'False narrative': AG Barr rejects claims of an 'epidemic' of police shootings of unarmed Black suspects

Barr eats Trump shit hot before it hits the ground: ‘I don’t think there are 2 justice systems’ for Black and white Americans

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Tensions in Black-Jewish Relations. They hate Blacks.

Black Minds Matter


If virus doesn’t kill, climate change will

Black executives face greater obstacles on career ladder. Good! Once one of them rotten Niggers get a job, they run from the Black community before quick gets ready

Kentucky’s Black Republican attorney general comes under fire in Breonna Taylor probe. Dumb ass Nigger looking for a place to hide

Workers at chains including Whole Foods and Whataburger are taking legal action in fight over employees' right to wear Black Lives Matter masks. You don't have to work for racist crackers anyway

Everybody dies’: Musk says neither he nor his family will take Covid-19 vaccine, blasts Bill Gates as ‘knucklehead’

George Carlin life is worth losing full

Long-Concealed Records Show Trump’s Chronic Losses and Years of Tax Avoidance

Family of handcuffed Black man shot dead by officer awarded $20 million in "historic" settlement

New York judge orders judicial review of Eric Garner case

Chinese State Media Cartoon Depicts U.S. Cops With Pitchfork Hunting Black Man

Trump Labeled Black Voters ‘Deterrence’ in 2016, TV Report Says

Texas sheriff charged with evidence tampering in Black man's death

The forgotten alliance between Black activists and China

A Black WWII veteran voted in Georgia in 1946. He was lynched for it.

Why celebrities keep quoting Louis Farrakhan — despite his anti-Semitism. We don't need Jews for shit.

The History of Political Parties and How They Have Fucked-up America?

Kentucky legislator among 24 arrested in Louisville protests over Breonna Taylor

First Black woman named interim police chief in Rochester following death of Daniel Prude. Wow, another stupid ass Nigger.

Professors Made Models Showing How Bad Virus Will Get. J. Said in the 'Last Days the Living Will Envy the Dead'

Biden says Black turnout key to winning election

Proud Boys rally has Portland in state of emergency.

A rising Black GOP star faces fury from African Americans over Taylor case. Stupid ass Nigger, you won't get one Black vote

Breonna Taylor: Louisville police shooting suspect held on $1m bail

What's on the line? Ruth Bader Ginsburg: death of liberal justice gives Trump chance to reshape the US for generations. High stakes election!

On Being Black and Conservative

That snake ass Nigger tricked you, now what you gone do? Do the right thing!

Trump Privately Complains Jews Are ‘Only In It For Themselves,’ Blames Black People For Inequality

5 things you need to know about Amy Coney Barrett

Not Just ICE: A California Prison Sterilized Her and Other Black Women. It's called Eugenics in America.

Trump Promises Black Voters A 'Platinum Plan' For Loans As He Bashes Biden

'Shields, cops we got shields!' Video emerges of 'riot supplies' being unloaded from U-Haul truck

Will Democrats Fail the Amy Coney Barrett Test?

Trooper quietly buried amid scrutiny over Black man's death

A homeless Black man was fatally shot by a California deputy during a struggle. This Nigger didn't mind cops.

Watch live: Trump delivers remarks on Black economic empowerment

'It was literally viral, and then I barely got any credit for it.' Black TikTok creators start dance crazes — and white users profit.

Rob Smith: Black Ky. AG unjustly criticized by Black left for not charging police in Breonna Taylor death

Trump to Senate: Vote ‘without delay’ on his high court pick

‘I’m tired, like every Black American’: Protesters back in streets after Taylor ruling

LeBron James speaks more on Breonna Taylor, power of Black women

Disaffected Black voters cost Clinton the election. Biden hasn't learned.

Who Was Alberta Jones? Murder of Louisville's First Black Female Prosecutor Remains Unsolved

U.S. to Execute First Black Man Since Resumption of Federal Death Penalty

Trump to campaign in Florida amid outrage over comments on transfer of power. Dictatorship 101

Shocking VIDEO shows Seattle cop pushing his bike over man’s HEAD amid fresh wave of violent protests

Black attorney general chokes up during Taylor announcement. Choke up my ass; that Nigger is fucking fake.

Fewer Americans Than Ever Believe That Civil Rights For Black Americans Have Improved

Trump Suggests RBG’s Dying Wish to Not Be Replaced Until After Election Was Written by Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi. It Sounds Like That!

The Latest: Black women address rally in downtown Portland

Bank of America sells $2 billion of bonds to help fight inequality in Black and Hispanic communities

Recorded attack on Black runner is charged as a hate crime

'Not a random act': Four charged after Black man is strangled, set on fire in Iowa ditch

Biden’s new Georgia ad volley courts Black men. What about crime bill that locked Black men down

Ginsburg was too old, stayed too long, and only had one Black friend. That deaf and dumb mute Clarence Thomas, and big fat racist Scalia.

The Names on Trump's List Of Potential Supreme Court Nominees. Wow, Trump ready to nominate before the woman get cold in her grave. God-damned Trump, the fight is on!!

Breonna Taylor: Kentucky city on edge ahead of prosecutor decision

To the protesters blocking the entrance & exit of the emergency room yelling "We hope they die." Don't be saying that stuff, man! Niggers gone get US killed.

Dijon Kizzee's Independent Autopsy Confirms He Was Shot 15 Times ... Lawyers Sound Off on L.A. Sheriff

Black Protest Leaders To White Allies: 'It's Our Turn To Lead Our Own Fight'

150 lower income pregnant Black and Pacific Islander women in San Francisco to get $1,000 monthly

With in-person campaigning limited, Kamala Harris make bid promises. Promise that and that but give them Niggers nothing.

Taking up for that racist cracker. Chris Rock says he wasn't offended by Jimmy Fallon's blackface

U.S. Covid-19 death toll surpasses 200,000.

'This Is Why We Wanted This Guy': Conservatives Push Trump to Fill Court Seat Quickly

'The View' descends into chaos after GOP candidate Kim Klacik brings up Joy Behar's 'African woman' Halloween costume

WATCH: Video appears to show Louisiana police officer punching Black teen. We gone beat some sense in Niggers! It's a hard job, but somebody got to do it.

Impeachment round two? Pelosi says Dems will use ‘every arrow in our quiver’ to stop Trump replacing RBG if he loses in November. What about double jeopardy?

‘I miss mommy’: Families shattered by COVID forge new paths. This is so sad!

To close the investing gap between Black and white Americans, experts say 5 things need to change

Biden’s weakness with Black and Latino men creates an opening for Trump. You can't make US like that cracker and 1994 crime bill

Black Lives Matter activist admits to not being actually Black. So what!

Sammy Davis Jr. is "Mr. Bojangles"

7 Black mayors share their unique bond. These Niggers ain't fit for the job

Harnessing the High Stakes Election in 2020

Ginsburg death ignites fierce U.S. Senate battle - and stirs Scalia's ghost

Photos fuel concerns over in-custody death of La. Black man

Biden makes push for voters on National Black Voter Day. In 1994

Trump and his plan to win a second term unmasked in Michigan visit

Jerry Harris, star of Netflix show ‘Cheer,’ appears in federal court in Chicago on charges of producing child pornography

New York files civil insurance fraud charges against Johnson & Johnson in opioid case

Biden looks to engage Black men on issues. Will rappers ask him about 1994 crime bill, and what are his policies for financial reparations to inmates and their families?

Two in three Black Americans don't see themselves represented in movies and TV, study says. Move on 'cause white American people don't want to see Niggers on silver screen.

Trump defends ‘MAGA’ when asked when America was great for Black Americans

Stupid Barr. ‘What a disgrace’: US Attorney General ripped for calling Covid-19 shutdowns ‘greatest intrusion of civil liberties’ since slavery

Brad Paisley's 'Accidental Racist' And ACM History Of White Racism

The deep roots of disdain for Black political leaders. Somebody need to have disdain for them rotten as Niggers

The false freedom that fetters Black Americans

Top 15 Worst Nazis

Portland’s Protests: The View From the City’s Black Newspaper

Marijuana, policing reform and 'Black lives matter': Where Holcomb and Myers differ on the issues

Hunger on the rise amid pandemic. When hunger steps in violence begins

Driver runs over Black Lives Matter protester in Tennessee

Black voting power: the fight for change in Milwaukee, one of America’s most segregated cities

How Bloomberg’s $100 million to Biden is palpable. His stop and frisk and Biden's 1994 crime bill fucked Black men up

Grand jury returns indictment against Jake Gardner for manslaughter in James Scurlock death

'White men owe Black women peace': Janelle Monae on why 'Antebellum' is relevant

Utah officer charged with assault after dog bites Black man

Hunger is a Racial Inequity Issue in America.

Biden campaign ratchets up courting of Black voters, specifically Black men, but it won't work.

Did the 1994 crime bill cause mass incarceration? Do a bear shit in woods?

Lack of education is how the Black vote became a monolith. Niggers can't read.

(1925) Josephine Baker dancing the original charleston.

Compton dad scared for his life after being falsely accused in shooting of 2 L.A. County sheriff’s deputies. Dropping a dime like that will get you killed

A White bar owner claimed self-defense in killing a Black protester. But his own words show otherwise, prosecutors say.

6-day-old endangered gorilla baby dies at New Orleans zoo. What the fuck, they can't keep Niggers alive down there

D.C. legalized marijuana, but one thing didn’t change: Almost everyone arrested on pot charges is Black. So, run them Nigger politicians out of office

Black males face appalling inequities in America. Why there's a new reason for hope.

Biden battles Trump, lack of enthusiasm among Black voters

Open season on Niggers. It's been over 3 months since George Floyd was killed by police. Police are still killing Black people at disproportionate rates.

Biden assembles legal team ahead of divisive 2020 election

TikTok owner picks Oracle over Microsoft as US tech partner

A family struggle as pandemic worsens food insecurity

Trump sees his chance to win over Black men's votes. Trump getting Black men to vote foe him is slim and none, and slim just left town. The cops was looking for him.

For Blacks not sent to prison yet, 2020 Democrats turn focus to Black men vote

White Jews Play ‘The Race Card’ Against Black Jews

Voices from the anti-government protests in Bulgaria

Ex-Felons in Florida Must Pay Fines Before Voting, Appeals Court Rules. That shit won't work!

Peyton Manning charity foundation endows scholarships at six Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Inmate who attacked R. Kelly is Latin King member convicted in homicide case. I think I can fly.

10 Black starting quarterbacks in Week 1 marks the most in NFL history. Whites said Niggers were too dumb to play quarterback

Creating a Homeland, 19 families buy nearly 97 acres of land in Georgia to create a city safe for Blacks

Black Woman to lead police force reeling from Breonna Taylor murder. Them crooked motherfuckers will try anything. We've seen that movie before!

Hoping to get out the Black vote, Biden-Harris campaign films new national ad in NC

‘You are frauds. You are the lie’: Rose McGowan torches the DNC, calls Biden a rapist, inciting a horde of party defenders

Driving while Black: ABC News analysis of traffic stops reveals racial disparities in several US cities. We know this, but why is there universal hated by white cops of Black Americans

Jews no friend to Blacks. So why, Black/Jewish leaders standing together to fight bigotry in America

Quack education. Lawsuit against student loan giant Navient will test limits of private debt discharge

Tucker Carlson: "If we're going to survive as a country, we must defeat" Black Lives Matter. Our way of life.

Biden courts Black farmers to dent Trump's lead among rural voters

Autopsy report: Naya Rivera called for help as she drowned

As COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Move At Warp Speed, Recruiting Black Volunteers Takes Time. Not Again.

Young. Black. Gay. Heading to Congress. Meet the Ascendant Mondaire Jones.

Crump to the rescue. Crump to represent Black man shot, killed by LA deputies

Trump said he feels no responsibility to understand anger of Black Americans

Black Lives Matter Using Pincer Tactics

Harris promises to offer free tuition for low-income students at public and historically Black colleges

Who was he falling man? Jonathan Briley

Local Blacks stand by Nation of Islam

Black woman's party death gets renewed scrutiny in Georgia

‘Deadly stuff’: But, Trump's good at stepping in his own shit. Again!

Attorneys: HCMC employees looked at George Floyd's private medical records without authorization

'Deadly stuff': The biggest bombshells from Woodward's new book on Trump

The most hurtful part of Jessica Krug pretending to be Black

Absentee ballot fraud? 1,000 people voted TWICE in Georgia primary and will be prosecuted, secretary of state confirms

Biden leads Trump by 12 points nationally among likely voters

How does 'Information Overload' affect your business & how to stop it? One person can't be on Facebook, Cable, the Internet and tweet at the same time. Plus, all that streaming. Just so much one person can watch

People Rush to Aid White Officer Being Beaten By Black Man He Was Arresting In Viral Video

Daniel Prude case: Rochester mayor promises police reforms as protests rage on. They caught this bitch in so many lies. It's the mob or your job.

When a human dies does the cancer cell in their body die too or does it keep spreading?

Jail deputy suspended after fight with Black teen

Kamala Harris Reaches Out to Black Voters in Battleground Wisconsin

Black legislators sound warning on Florida primary amendment

Black women leaders respond to Trump's question: "What do you have to lose?"

'Or I Will Stab You Right Now': A Family's Prison Extortion Nightmare

7 People Shot and Killed, More Than 1,000 Pounds of Marijuana Found at Scene in Riverside County

How to tell if your cell phone is tracked, tapped or monitored by spy software

Rally commemorates 100 days of protests for Black Lives Matter in Portland. Do a 100 more days.

We got that Nigger. Ohio woman falsely called police on Black man using his phone, said he was carrying a gun

Trump-Supporting School Board Candidate Defends Calling Black Mayor 'Dumb Monkey'

Four Ways in which Trump is helping diversity. Diversity doesn't mean getting a bunch of Niggers who think like you

Video shows police in Rochester, NY, put hood on Black man who later died

Shots fired, and 2 Black Florida men worry about justice. American justice means just US whites.

A 60-year-old Black man was shot and killed by a Georgia trooper. The officer has been denied bond.

Gorilla pimp. Harrisburg man sentenced to 25 years in prison for role as leader of human trafficking ring

Black gun groups thrive across South Florida in times of civil unrest

Fox Reporter Snaps Back As Trump Demands Her Firing For Confirming War Dead Story. Shit Sound Like Something Trump Would Say.

Activists Say Black And Brown Chicagoans Are Being Ignored In Cannabis Dispensary Licensing

A Maine wedding is linked to 147 coronavirus cases and 3 deaths. Infections spilled over into a jail and two nursing homes.

Kirk Herbstreit breaks down in tears on 'College GameDay': 'The Black community is hurting'

White Jewish Lady Admits She’s Been Pretending to be Black Her Entire Career as a University Professor in Black History

Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’

Biden steps up Black voter outreach in battleground states

Donald Trump launches crackdown on anti-racism training, calling it 'anti-American propaganda'

On Listening and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Demonstrators converge on RPD headquarters amid calls for mayor and police chief to resign 

You voted for that stupid bitch, she hired the fat chief and now you can't get rid of the motherfuckers

Column: Local officials lead new Republican coalition that aims to recruit Black voters, candidates

As Poor As A Job's Turkey. Budget Deficit To Hit Record $3.3 Trillion In 2020, National Debt To Exceed GDP In 2021

Sigh, Another White Woman Has Been Exposed For Pretending To Be Black For Clout

Northfield woman now charged with hate crime over confrontation with Black cyclist at Winnetka pier; bond set at $10,000. They burn witches like you, Irene Donoshaytis, 65.

Dow plunges more than 700 points as tech stocks falter. You're fucked now.

They got them Niggers. Facebook Video of Assault, Found by Victim's Mother, Breaks Open Case

Officer charged in fatal shooting of Black man at San Francisco Walmart

SF Salon Owner Erica Kious: Nancy Pelosi's "Set Up" Claim Is Absolutely False, Why Can't I Have Clients?

Pull Out of the Kentucky Derby? Pressure on a Black Owner Mounts

Once US healthcare workers get a coronavirus vaccine, who will be next?

Why Black Aging Matters, Too?

Illinois ‘Karen’ arrested for hitting Black bicyclist she says was trespassing

U.S. Perceptions of White-Black Relations Sink to New Low. Always Been Low. They hate US.

Trump and the suburbs: is he out of tune with America's increasingly diverse voters?

MacKenzie Scott is now the wealthiest woman in the world

Democratic St. Louis mayor forced to move away from home over BLM protests happening on doorstep

Pelosi calls private hair salon visit in San Francisco, against local regulations, 'clearly a setup'

A Kenosha man says the Trump-supporting 'owner' of a destroyed business in a photo op was actually his predecessor who sold the shop 8 years ago

Don't Let The Sun Set On You Nigger. The California Towns Where Blacks Feared Sundown

Former NASA Leland Melvin Astronaut Says Getting Stopped by Police as a Black Man Is Scarier Than Going to Space

Mayor one-ups Black Lives Matter rally with his own plans

Trump answers for pair of Black pastors who were asked if police violence is systemic. Does a bear shit in the woods

Viral video shows Black Trump supporters slamming those who call president racist: 'They have no facts'