A thieving ass preacher in Chattanooga, Lurone Jennings, caught stealing taxpayers dollars and allowed to keep his job — glad they got that gatekeeping Nigger

Black News


Commentary: How Trump’s immigration plan could help those he wants to deport — No


License to kill: Can any amount of evidence convict a white cop who shoots a Black man?


Send them back now and the Dreamers: US government scrambles to respond to surge of migrants at Mexico border


Black Employees Suing CNN for Racial Discrimination: It's a racist behind every decision at CNN


Here’s How Black People Could Use Jury Nullification To Break The Justice System


5 facts you need to know about the DREAM Act


46 U.S. companies join anti-Trump Breitbart blacklist


Trump takes aim at drugmakers and pharma, biotech stocks fall


Jill Stein claims undercount in Black vote in battle ground states — no undercount — Blacks just didn't vote


For trans women killed by Oakland fire, struggle for respect continues in death


Louisiana Sheriff Goes Off: Saying You Niggers Need To Respect Black Leaders. Then, Niggers Go Off!


Discrimination suit alleges Black temp workers passed over for Hispanics


Over the election, Democrats confused and stunned like a duck hit on the head.


Crazy Jill's recount effort flips only one-vote in Wisconsin and to her chagrin, it was a vote for Trump


Joe McKnight is dead because his life didn't matter enough for him to be alive


The world is fighting these bullies back — the Bully — I thought he was gonna fight fare!


Among Black men, a spark of support for Donald Trump


Sofia Richie: People don't know I'm Black because I look white



11 Things You Didn't Know About Sofia Richie, Justin Bieber's New Girl


Ronald Gasser, white , Joe McKnight’s killer released without charges — but he’s not in the clear yet


For black people, police pursuits are far deadlier


For Blacks Facing Parole in New York State, Signs of a Broken System


Two dozen dead in California loft fire; death toll expected to rise


Unemployment Rate Drops To 4.6 Percent, Lowest Level Since 2007 (sic) But Still You Don't Got A Job


Some say Donald Trump’s outreach to Blacks is a hustle


You dumb ass Niggers; everybody knows Santa is a white man

Larry Jefferson is the first Black Santa in the 24-year history of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn.

Tyra Patterson is in prison for murder – now victim's sister says she is innocent


Trump won with lowest minority vote in decades, fueling divisions


Colin Kaepernick Is Already Donating Money To Charity

Trevor Noah Spars With Conservative Tomi Lahren, Who Compares Black Lives Matter to the KKK


Black Senate Staffers Push for More Diversity: Diversity of thought not ethnicity — having a bunch of Niggers who think like whites won't work


Exit Polls: Donald Trump Beats Mitt Romney, Wins More Support Among Minorities

City to suspend Youth and Family Development leader for misusing nonprofit funds — lock him up!

A thieving ass preacher in Chattanooga, Lurone Jennings, caught stealing taxpayers dollars and allowed to keep his job. Glad they got that gatekeeping rotten Nigger

Democratic presidential loss turns into pathological behavior!

By Sinclere Lee; writing for ‘Black News’

You let the devil in, and now you're surprised that he did the devil's work — that's crazy!

Dorie Miller (1919-1943), Hero of World War II

Dorie Miller — the Hero of Pearl Harbor

The Latest: Survivor describes slayings at black church

Charleston Church Killer (Roof) — why did he do it? He hates Niggers — that's why!

'We are still in mourning': Charleston congregants prepare for Dylann Roof trial — the way some whites view Blacks in South Carolina — Roof could go free!

Walter Scott and the presumption of guilt for Black Americans — Niggers you're guilty until proven innocent

You will be tried again; you 'Devil Cop'

Voting Turnout Statistics: What Changed Is The Percentage of White Voters increased

Ben Carson nominated for housing secretary in Trump administration

Who is Ben Carson?

They died with the spike in their arms

Six People Die in Philly Sunday From Heroin Overdoses: Police

Nearly 50 People Overdosed Thursday in Several Philly Neighborhoods as Police Search for Source

Black Leaders No Better Than Jewish Capos; They Have Led Black People To The Gas Chambers

Looking of a Job With Trump, Get in Touch With Omarosa: Trump’s Director of African-American Outreach

Who is Omarosa?

White racists on Slager jury could lead to a 'Jury Nullification': Yeah, he killed the Nigger; the Nigger's dead now, so leave this good white man alone

Jury nullification occurs when a jury returns a verdict of "Not Guilty" despite its belief that the defendant is guilty of the violation charged. The jury in effect nullifies a law that it believes is either immoral or wrongly applied to the defendant whose fate they are charged with deciding — ergo, white racism!!

November was Chicago's third-deadliest month in 2016, police say

Chicago murder caught on camera an Loskiii speaks on the subject from a savage prospective

Chicago tops 700 homicides — with a month to go in violent 2016

Trump about Carrier: 'Never give a sucker an even break!'

Trump: The Art of the Deal

Black Caucus up shit's creek with the new Trump presidency

Black and White Views of Charleston's Racially Charged Murder Trials

Colombia plane ran out of fuel, pilot said before crash

Thought few African Americans support Trump? New poll shows how few

Ellison’s Imam Says: Homosexuality Is ‘Not What God Intended ’

Black Congressmen Refuse To Condemn Ellison

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