If you don't kneel for something, you'll stand for anything

Prisoners in the hold more likely to be Black, even as overall use of isolation decreases in Texas

Missouri has highest Black homicide rate, Kansas in top 10

'No Black bucks for Starbucks': Protesters at Phoenix Starbucks call company racist

If you don't kneel for something, you'll stand for anything

Accepting rights award, Kaepernick decries 'lawful lynching'

Colin Kaepernick won even though it cost him everything; so, he's great because he risked something. Yeah, Everything!

Black voters warn Democrats with 2020 ambitions about taking them for granted, and listening to stupid Al Sharpton

When white colleges make Black students’ worlds smaller instead of bigger

'Black News' news in review: America's commercial media and Black Americans

When 15-minutes of fame is not enough: Now, Stormy Daniels and lawyer offer $100K reward to identify 'thug' she said threatened her — this bitch is nuts!

False hysteria; Stormy's image of unknown man a disgrace, and can get someone hurt — glad he wasn't Black! That picture could be anybody!

NYPD cops fatally shoot bipolar Black man holding metal pipe police mistake for gun on Brooklyn street

7 killed, 17 treated during inmate fight at SC prison over snitching

'Lift Every Voice and Sing': The story behind the 'Black national anthem' that Beyoncé sang

Starbucks should pay them Niggers so we can it this shit of the news

The Comey Memoir’s Most Damning Allegation Against Trump

You’re a Slime Ball. You have small hands and your eyes look like you’re using suntan lotion. Your momma sold moonshine during the depression. Your daddy put Niggers out of his apartment buildings to make more money.

A Higher Loyalty review: Comey is unsparing in his disgust at Trump

The 50 Best Blaxploitation Movies

Burgess Owens, Black conservative shouted down for speaking ‘against own people’

Facebook Raked in $9.16 Billion in Ad Revenue so your privacy be damned

Facebook fails again: “Black Lives Matter” page with huge following was a scam

US deploying Truman aircraft carrier strike group to Middle East, Europe - Navy

‘I can’t breathe’: Asheville police video shows white officer beating, choking Black jaywalking suspect — so stop the jaywalking! said the white man.

Hate talk didn't derail mixed-race Cheerios ad

That Cute Cheerios Ad With The Interracial Family Is Back

In 2013, Cheerios ad with mixed-race family drew racist responses and General Mills refuse to cave into racists upset to see a white woman and a Black man on TV together— how things have changed — now Niggers have taken over commercials on TV 

Crime victims rally honoring DA Anne Marie Schubert draws Black Lives Matter protest

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Black Panther Party Shared Many of the Same Ideologies

I Saw My Assassination In A Dream

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., Fifty Years After His Death

Book excerpt: After MLK death, RFK 'poured his heart out'

All-Black Police Precinct Historic Landmark In Overtown

Rhonda James said she witnessed Martin Luther King Jr's assassination in 1968 

In Chicago Homicides down 25 percent, shootings down 30 percent from violent 2016 and 2017

One-on-one with Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson

Got Milk?

They're back: Caravan of illegal aliens headed for the US boarder

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Beyoncé and Lamar show what it means to be 'unapologetically Black'


Dorothy Brown could be first Black woman Mayor of Chicago


As country listens to Florida teens, Black Lives Matter youths feel ignored


Public radio station smears black activists: Another symptom of Russia panic


A Confederate statue. A mostly black college. And simmering small-town resentment.


Black leader brings provocative take to Civil War museum


Where can we be Black? And safe?


48 million social media users’ data leaked by yet another analytics company


Video: Another Starbucks treats Black and white men differently — don't think Starbucks is the only one!


Black Teenager Shot At After Asking For Directions


Starbucks CEO apologizes after employee calls police on Black men waiting at a table


ACLU lawsuit takes aim at 'modern-day debtors' prison' in Lexington County, but it's a problem statewide — you Niggers gone pay — y'all got money


Charlize Theron debates leaving America so her Black children do not feel ‘unsafe’ 



‘SNL': Black Panther Figures Out White People and Learns About Police Violence on ‘Black Jeopardy’ (Video)


Black teen misses bus, gets shot at after asking for directions in Rochester Hills


China seeks trade firewall with U.S. allies in rush of ambassador meetings - sources


Can we talk? The Ruskies asked Uncle Sam!


Trump Had Affair With Housekeeper That Produced a Child, Former Doorman Claims


About 70 percent of Texas Christian University students are white. And the Black ones? Most are athletes


Our regime of racial subordination is holding down Black people


50 Years Ago, a White Woman Touching a Black Man on TV Caused a National Commotion; Now You See Niggers in the Bed With White Women


In Chicago speech, Clinton hails black women voters for leading ‘hope and resilience' during Trump era


For marching bands at historically Black schools, it’s ‘about the showmanship’


Compare the Cheerios commercial do what you see today on TV, so you stupid Niggers will never forget


'Implicit bias' replaces the 'R' word. This is how we explain cops killing Black men


A Black Evangelist Who Opposed Dr. King Fight For Black People; Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux A Stinking Piece Shit


Black Student Union step team celebrates culture and inclusivity through dance — too much dancing in Black community


Celebrating Black women of substance — every Black women of color is not our kind


Progressive Black women overlooked in Democrats' push to win N.J. races in Trump midterm


Fake Black Lives Matter Facebook page had links to white Aussie


A teen swiped beer from a corner store. The clerk chased him and killed him, Tenn. police say


Anwar Ghazali you going down; we don't know why Blacks in Memphis let a sand Nigger get away with killing a Black child

Shop clerk, 28, is charged with first-degree murder after 'shooting dead black teen, 17, for stealing a beer — on the fifty year assassination of Martin Luther King in Memphis. They got sand Niggers killing Blacks — even Martin realized of sorry Niggers in Memphis are — but it was too late!


On Russia, Americans trust special counsel Mueller more than Trump, USA TODAY poll shows


Sinclair's David Smith busted for solicitation (repost) He's just another trick


Charles Blow: The American Justice System Was Designed to Kill Black Men


Chicago gun violence down for 13th straight month, but robberies in affluent areas up


How Black Women on Capitol Hill Are Dealing with Trump


Rod Watson: 50 years after Martin Luther King's death, Blacks have yet to overcome


The day Martin Luther King Jr. was almost killed



Crazy, Izola Ware Curry, Who Stabbed King in 1958, Dies at 98


Winnie Mandela, 'mother' then 'mugger' of new South Africa, dies at 81