'Black News,' could give a rat's ass over who controls the Senate; what have Senate Democrats done to get the Black vote anyway? Not one thing!



If Blacks and Hispanics leave the Democrats for doing nothing, they're done!


Civil Rights hustle has been over for the past fifty-years — Rev. Al Sharpton, we don't need you now!


Little-Known Legal Challenge That Could Torpedo Obamacare


'Black News,' could give a rat's ass over who controls the Senate; what have Senate Democrats done to get the Black vote anyway? Not one thing!


Florida leads nation in locking up kids in adult jails


Rand Paul: 'We Can't Invite The Whole World' To Immigrate ...


Yes, Some Republicans Are Racist



The right to vote means the right not to vote, if you're not getting anything for your vote


Jeb Bush remarks expose GOP's immigration problem


Illegal immigrant faces deportation for selling pot brownies to buy fancy prom dress


Huckabee Slams Obama on Gay Marriage: Where Are His ‘Christian Convictions’?

Are gays going to Hell?

Chicago Teachers Union to Mayor Rahm: Improving failed schools full of black kids is RACIST


Eric Holder To Louie Gohmert: "You Don't Want To Go There, Buddy"


Multiple stabbings at Pennsylvania school before police arrest suspect


Jim DeMint Is Pretty Sure the Government Didn't Play a Role in Ending Slavery


Did Sen. Bob Corker’s Anti-Union Rhetoric Hurt Prospects for Expansion at the Chattanooga Volkswagen Plant in Tennessee?



Roy Bryant and sold their story to Look magazine for $4,000


Killing that Nigger Emmett Till: It's good work if you can get it — You know that the Nigger said? That Nigger said he was better than any white man alive; that's why we killed that Nigger!


Carolyn Bryant;Young and Old; all over this slut — bitch I hope you burn in Hall!

Witness To Emmett Till Murder Dies At Age 76


Protected against double jeopardy, Bryant and Milam struck a deal with Look magazine in 1956 to tell their story to journalist William Bradford Huiefor between $3,600 and $4,000.


UConn defeats Kentucky to win NCAA Championship


Willie Reed, who risked his life to testify in the Emmett Till murder trial was a great man!


Emmett Till: What Did He Die For?


Why It's Unlikely the Emmett Till Murder Mystery Will Ever Be Solved


U.N. slams U.S. for torture, NSA spying


Ginni Thomas: one out of control crazy Nut


Clarence Thomas’s Disgraceful Silence


The best thing a dumn dumb ass rapper can do is get an education themselves


The Heir, the Judge and the Homeless Mom — America's Prison Bias for the 1% — Thats' How We Roll In America!



NSA performed warrantless searches on Americans' calls and emails – Clapper: what to do when the government is corrupt?


Are Black Students Unruly? Or is America Just Racist?


Growing Black Income Inequality While Civil Rights Hustles Living Large

When you can give gorilla like Clarence Thomas a banana it eats for one day, but if you teach it how to steal bananas, it can eat forever



Did the Supreme Court just open the door to political corruption?


Why Did African-American Slaves Rebel?


Another killing at Fort Hood


The heir, the judge and the homeless mom: America's prison bias for the 1%


Ryan budget plan in Democrats’ crosshairs


How the 1960s' Riots Hurt African-Americans



Nato's Eastern Europe build-up plans alarm Russia

Hepatitis C: New drug treatment 'is a breakthrough'


How two sex offenders out on parole went on a savage rape and murder spree that left FIVE women dead...


Prosecutor Gerrie Nel; break that bitch down like a shotgun

Reeva Steenkamp with Oscar Pistorius: that old bladerunner is lucky to have a fine woman like Reeva

If a nuclear bomb exploded in downtown Washington, what should you do?


GOP base includes racist 'elements,' congressman charges

Everybody knows that!


Why putting photos on Social Security cards won't save voting rights

Seems like a good idea if you're not a civil rights pimp


To Hell with voters' rights, we need economic rights

President Lyndon Baines Johnson's speech where he adopted the Motto of the Civil Rights Movement -- "We Shall Overcome." He said it first!

LBJ signs Civil Rights Law Into Law


Was Russia's actions in Crimea were legal?


Oscar Pistorius trial: 'Bull terrier' takes centre stage

Lead State prosecutor Gerrie Nel aka bull terrier cross-examining Oscar Pistorius during his trial

All due respect to this poor child, but she was one nutty ass bitch; her elevator didn't go to the top floor!

Teleka Patrick may have drowned


Volkswagen expansion talks at standstill at Chattanooga; Sen. Corker caught between the union and a hard place


The Shocking Story of Approved Killing in Mississippi of Emmitt Till


Roy Bryant and his half-brother J. W. Milam — Boy, them two rotten crackers.


“The Murder of Emmett Till: Myth, Memory and National Magazine Responsemore


The All-white Jury Said; They Didn't Kill The Nigger; He Just Stopped Breathing. They been pulling that All-white Jury shit for 200-hundred years


Who can tolerate these, intolerant Gays who are acting like faggots

They act like a bunch of Natzis and got the whole nation walking on eggshells — they say you hit a billy first!


Will these faggots rule the world in the end times?

It's same-sex marriage today, tomorrow it maybe 'fuck a faggot day', next! Give them an inch and they will take your life!


Rap and Hip Hop Stars Who Went to College; These Niggers Ain't Got Enough Sense To Put A Tea Spoon



This country music more racist than the KKK? Shit, they are the Klan!

Not a Black face in the place, not even a Black chair — Is this racism or what? We need them gays to in their asses, but they maybe gays themselves.



Colorado collected roughly $2 million in  marijuana taxes in January


A DuPont trust-fund creep gets probation. A black woman looking for a job cries in jail for a week. Something's wrong here...


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