Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Win in New Hampshire Primary

Black News


To you dumb ass Niggers; Einstein was right about General Relativity


Beyonce's 'Formation' video: Controversy swirls around footage; most see!


Trump posed to Run The Table


Black Lives Matter activist kills himself on steps of Ohio statehouse

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The Black lives Matter movement has inserted itself into the presidential election, especially in the Democratic primary in which African American voters are a significant segment of the electorate.


Five-year-old boy calls 911 to report both parents have been shot and killed in Chattanooga


Because of corrupt crony government; Chattanooga's going to Hell in a handbasket


‘The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America,’ by Michael Eric Dyson


Even with 'Black History Month' most Blacks still dumb, stupid and blind — word!


Ex-teacher viciously murdered in Manhattan homeless shelter remembered as brilliant, generous

Killed: Deven Black, 62, (right) was lying in bed at 11.50pm on Wednesday when his roommate Anthony White, 21, (left) allegedly slashed his throat and nearly severed his head


Black History Month 2016: Slave-Founded Church To Ring Its Bell On 240th Anniversary, With Help Of Civil Rights Activists


Unpublished Black History

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote

Hillary: Where to go when Blacks don't want you?

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Head Crony; Obama to propose $10-a-barrel oil tax

Don't give this crook another dime

It's better for all the guilty to go free than one innocent person get convicted

U.S. exonerations hit record high as more troubled cases probed

Yes Black History Month and celebrate the struggles and triumphs of America

How #BlackLivesMatter deeply connects to Black Power movement

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